The Baltimore Orioles are not the best team in the American League East but this upcoming season they are hoping to bring in more wins than losses. In 2017 the team had 75 wins and 87 losses during the regular season. This made them the last team in their league. Now, in the preseason the team is making some big moves for a better 2018 regular season.

Singing Alex Cobb

The first big move management and team leaders have made is signing former Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Alex Cobb. Cobb signed to a four-year contract worth almost $60 million. This is the largest contract given to a pitcher in Orioles history.

The team wanted Cobb and waited for him to sign with them. He is the best player on the free agent market, according to MLB professionals and the team made a great decision in waiting to sign him.

In 2017, the Orioles franchise managed to earn a 5.70 ERA. This is the worst ERA for starters in the franchise's history. By signing Cobb, the team is hoping he will help them turn these statistics around. Cobb has had great success in his MLB career. Last year pitching for the Rays he earned a 3.66 ERA, a 1.22 WHIP and a 6.42 K/9 -- this being right after he sat out in the 2016 season due to injuries and surgical procedures.

Cobb had to make some difficult decisions when deciding which MLB team he was going to sign with.

He ultimately decided to sign with the Orioles because they "have shown confidence in him" and were persistent. The Baltimore team wanted Cobb and they got their wish. Now, looking into 2018 the Orioles' staff, fans and stakeholders are feeling more confident in the team because of this deal.

More big moves

The Orioles have also signed two other big players in the MLB.

Both Andrew Cashner and Chris Tilman got signed to the team's starting roster next to Alex Cobb. Cashner signed a two-year contract valued at about $16 million. Tilman signed a one-year contract valued at $3 million. Cashner did not do so well playing for the Texas Rangers last season. Tilman, technically a re-sign to the Baltimore roster, did not please the team either, but Baltimore believes that these two players will play better than they did in the 2017 season.

March 29th, 2018 is the opening day at Camden Yards in Baltimore City. The preseason for the MLB is ending and rankings are showing that the Baltimore Orioles are looking forward to a better season than last year. They definitely are not the best team in their league, but with the additions to their roster and managing to re-sign big names such as Manny Machado, the Baltimore Orioles will make it far into the playoffs. What do you think?