Coffee today is an essential morning wake-me-up drink for many people. It is an indulgent treat as well and is beloved by millions around the world.

Coffee has been transformed into many varieties that include: lattes, macchiatos, cappuccino, espresso and more.

But what is the difference between all these specialty coffee Drinks?


Espresso originates from Italy. It is a strong shot of coffee that is pressed under high pressure. The flavor is rich and strong. Espresso is essential to every other coffee drink because it is used as a base to make all the other kinds.

You do not take big gulps like you would with a regular coffee, but instead, this tiny caffeine-filled drink is meant to be sipped. The purpose is mainly for enjoyment, to sit down with business partners, friends, family and have a nice talk.

The beans for an espresso are finer than what you would use for a regular American coffee. After being pressed, this is what makes the flavor more bold and rich. A Common myth is that espresso has more caffeine than a regular Cup Of Coffee. But when you have a 12-oz cup of coffee versus a shot of espresso, the caffeine in the cup is greater than the shot.

Specialty Coffee

As mentioned before, espresso is in most common specialty coffee. The most basic and widely consumed is a cappuccino.

A cappuccino is a drink that incorporates steamed milk, espresso, and a foam. The espresso is the base and lies on the bottom before mixing. Next, the milk is added and then foam poured on top. This drink is often compared to a latte.The difference between a latte and a cappuccino is that the latte has less foam and usually a flavored syrup is added to the drink.

Lattes come in hot and iced versions as well. Cinnamon or a chocolate powder is added to the top to sweeten up these drinks.

Two other very popular drinks include a mocha and a macchiato. These are espresso-based with a sauce added. Mocha is when a chocolate sauce is added to the drink and a macchiato is topped with a caramel sauce.These are the typical morning drinks many people like to indulge in.

If you're looking for something with more flavor and not as bitter as a black coffee these are your go-to drinks.

Less heard-of drinks

Even beyond the typical espresso drinks, the coffee industry has found more creative ways to enjoy a cup. Some drinks include:

  • Long Macchiato: a short version of a macchiato with two instead of the one-shot
  • Ristretto: an espresso shot with less water than a normal shot that results in a stronger and darker drink
  • Flat White: same as a cappuccino but without any foam on top
  • Piccolo Latte: a small version of a latte making the espresso strong and mellow
  • Affogato: a dessert version of coffee made with vanilla ice cream and espresso

Coffee is the world's most consumed beverage next to water and tea. The world is screaming for this delicious drink, and people want more choices of consumption. These are just a few but in the near future there for sure will be more drinks the world can try.