Someone once said that all we need in this life is a place to sleep, clothes to wear and food to eat. I guess that person forgot that we need a job, a couple of minutes to vent on Twitter, companies that pay on time, and excellent money saving habits before we can even dream of achieving two of those things. It would be nice if we could all end up millionaires with walk-in closets that look like a 3-bedroom house, unfortunately, it may not happen for all of us, but we can all learn tips that will make us comfortable and financially stable in the long term.

It's hard to Save Money but it's even more expensive to spend money. With these tips, you will find a great balance between the two.

Budget and track your expenses

The first step to saving money is learning how to track your expenses. This can be done by documenting every single thing you spend money on, including the seemingly unimportant things, or by downloading a personal finance app that can track your Financial activities. Once you are able to identify what you do with your money, you will be able to create a budget that will guide you from month to month.

Some great apps include Mint, BillTracker, Chime, Digit, and Clarity Money, These apps are available on IOS and Android.

Stop buying, start selling

One man's junk is another man's treasure. We all have things in our homes that are in great condition but are rarely used. It could be something you bought on a whim, the dress you've worn only once, a collectible or the second tablet you got for your birthday.

Selling these items will bring in a little more cash and help you clean out your space. Platforms like Poshmark, ThredUP, Snob Swap, and eBay are used by many to sell personal items.

Create a saving goal

Start off by identifying the things you'd like to have and save for them. It could be a short-term Goal like a vacation, a car, an emergency fund, or even a couple of extra dollars in your account.

You can also have long-term goals like an education fund for your kids, a house, or a retirement fund for yourself. These goals will help you manage your money wisely while giving you something to look forward to.

Use the 30-day rule

Instant gratification is one of the reasons we buy so many things we don't need. The 30-day rule states that if you want something, wait for a month before getting it. If the desire still persists after 30-days, you're free to purchase, if not, move on. It's an excellent money management tip that everyone needs to incorporate into their lives.

More ways to save money

Other ways include spending less than your monthly income, packing a lunch and prepping meals, using coupons and discount codes, shopping with a list, learning basic sewing skills, replacing sodas with water, trying DIYs projects, buying used items like books and clothes, providing services in exchange for cash, and buying staple products in bulk.