Since Meghan Markle began dating Prince Harry, everything she is seen wearing gets talked about. Many times her outfits are sold out soon after viewers see her wearing them. Some people said what she wore last Thursday was a fashion faux pas when she and Prince Harry visited Birmingham. So, what did she wear, and what was wrong with her outfit, according to some people?

Markle's fashion faux pas or was it?

First of all, a faux pas is defined as a slip or blunder in etiquette, manners, fashion, or conduct. When a faux pas happens, it is assumed to be an embarrassing social blunder or indiscretion.

However, what Markle wore is up for a debate because some did not think she made a mistake. After all, she is a fashion expert, and usually what she wears makes a statement and is sold out in minutes.

When the 36-year-old former actress accompanied her soon to be 33-year-old husband to Birmingham to visit young children, she wore what looked good on her and what she seemed comfortable in wearing. She wore a navy and white-trim J.Crew tipped topcoat. Underneath her coat, she wore black Alexander Wang pants and Manolo Blahnik BB pointy-toe pumps.

Many were quick to point out the color combination of black and blue. A number of people posted the photos on social media and called the outfit a fashion faux pas.

People commented that one shouldn't wear navy and black together. Not everyone agreed with the idea of not wearing that color combination.

Back in 2014, style director Charles Manning wrote on Cosmopolitan about wearing navy and black together. According to what he said, Meghan did not break a fashion rule. He stated that is absolutely untrue about not being able to wear black and blue together.

Saying that is just as silly as saying people shouldn't wear white after Labor Day.

Manning explained that when Colors are similar, it's a good idea to layer them next to or on top of each other so their differences are more apparent. He added that a little color confusion can actually be a good thing. Then he concluded that colors like black and navy, black and brown, brown and navy all work well when worn together.

Coat sold out

The navy and white-trim J.Crew tipped topcoat was sold out before Meghan returned home to take hers off. Those who pointed out what Meghan was wearing are probably some who rushed out to purchase their own. If so, surely they can pair the navy coat with whatever color of trousers and pumps they desire.

Do you think Meghan Markle made a fashion faux pas when she wore navy and black together?