Satire is a type of writing, and more bluntly put, realistic and performing way of expression, in which indecencies, indiscretions, misuse, and deficiencies are held up to mock, in a perfect world with the purpose of disgracing people, enterprises, government, or society itself into positive, constructive change.

Anyone leaning towards Satire and Sarcasm is one with a vibrant mind and a jaw-achingly great sense of humor. Although it may be uncommon in most social situations and scenarios, the key ingredient of this now honed artform is based on discreet delivery, aiming to pierce only into the ones who are meant to face the blow in most cases.

To anyone who is into modern-day satire, sarcasm, or the likes of dark humor, it is highly likely to safely assume that the concerned individuals would not really have an extensive friends circle, which would most ideally consist of like-minded individuals ripping on each other, but grandly co-existing nonetheless. If all of this seems familiar to you, then you are sure to be familiar with Paddy’s Pub in Philadelphia.

Welcome to The Gang

To stop making it any more obvious and delving right into the thick of it all, we’re speaking of the supposed grand-daddy of adult dark comedy shows, which has been around and unfaltering entertained its admirers and fans while claiming new ones for Twelve Seasons.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, is probably and quite easily an indisputable game-winner, while somehow managing to be underrated. That very nature of the show has gathered it a very bespoke set of fanatics who religiously watch the show and consider the gang to be absolute friendship goals.

The show stars Dennis Reynolds (Glenn Howerton) and Deandra "Sweet Dee" Reynolds (Kaitlin Olson), their friends Charlie Kelly (Charlie Day) and Ronald "Mac" McDonald (Rob McElhenney), and Frank Reynolds (Danny Devito), Dennis' and Dee's legal father, all of whom are collectively referred to as “The Gang”.

The show’s already accomplished massive claim to fame is and has been unsurpassable, claiming fans with each passing day who hold the characters dear. Fans have paid countless tributes to the show’s core characters at comic conventions all across the world.

We’ve managed to put together a fine list of some of the best cosplays based off of the show.

Drum Roll


Starting off this list of cosplays with this impeccable Dayman - Champion of the Sun cosplay.


What follows Dayman would undoubtedly be Nightman. Absolutely love how the cosplayer looks so much like Mac here.


Behold, for it is an impeccable Liam McPoyle cosplay. Incredible attention to detail.


Mac and Dennis gender bender, anyone? We love the enthusiasm in this photograph.


A cosplay within a cosplay.

Here’s Dennis and Charlie Day.


Nailing the gender bender Dayman cosplay is this gorgeous young woman.


Liam and Ryan McPoyle cosplay on fleek. Unibrows all the way!


Ryan and Margaret McPoyle cosplays. The McPoyle cosplayers sure know how to nail cosplays.


At long last, here is a Deandra cosplay.


The Gang slaying the cosplay. Ultimate friendship goals right here. Danny Devito, though.


It possibly couldn’t get any Sunnier than this.