CNN gave the results of a recent survey where more than half of Americans polled said they believe Donald Trump is racist. 57 percent of those who were questioned indicated that Number 45 has made life harder for Hispanics, African Americans, and Muslims. It is curious that 43 percent of U.S. citizens can look at the same situations and conclude that the POTUS is not indifferent to those who do not look as he does. Time and time again The Donald makes his opinion very clear yet his base continues to support him and consider anything they perceive as negative, regarding the president, to be fake news.

Donald Trump continues to tell us who he is

A recent survey from an AP NORC poll did not reveal anything new or disturbing but confirmed what most Americans already understood to be true. 57 percent of U.S. citizens who were questioned said that Donald Trump is racist. CNN editor Chris Cillizza pointed out that, during the past year, Number 45 has refused to acknowledge the problems white supremacists caused in Charlottesville by saying there were bad people on both sides.

Trump also referred to Haiti and African countries as "shitholes," and began a war with black NFL players who wanted to take a knee, exercising their first amendment rights. Cillizza notes that these and other incidents continue even though Trump insisted to Don Lemon that he is the "least racist" person in the world.

The president's actions continue to tell us who he is, but 43 percent of Americans seem to be in denial.

CNN poll notes an interesting truth

The CNN poll pointed out an interesting fact regarding those who were surveyed. It seems that the number of people who believe the president is racist equals the number of individuals who do not like Donald Trump and or his policies.

This raises the question: Do these individuals truly believe Number 45 is prejudiced against anyone who is not a WASP, (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) or are they simply agreeing with anything negative that is said about him?

The survey also concluded that 8 in 10 black Americans and three-quarters of Hispanic Americans do truly believe this president has shown himself to harbor racist views.

The article ended on a curious note with Chris Cillizza stating that we have become so polarized in this nation, that how one feels about any current subject seems to indicate how he or she relates to the 45th president of the United States.

So it seems that if you are Black, Hispanic, or Muslim and have experienced racism at the hands of those who look, think, and act like Donald Trump you are more likely to see him as indifferent and prejudiced than those who look, think, and act, like Number 45 who have not had the displeasure of enduring intolerance because of their ethnic heritage.