While a job may be something to keep you busy for a short period of time and earn enough money just to get by, it's also one of the building blocks of one's career. So many people have fallen into the cycle of getting into the wrong job just because they landed it and needed the money, resulting in unhappy employees that either leave or grow stagnant in a company. But no matter what type of employee you might be, there will come a time that you'll experience the feeling of wanting out of a job. Whether it's because they're not paying you enough or you're not a fit for the company, here are seven Warning Signs that you're unhappy with your job and should probably consider leaving.

1. Your professional goals and the company's business objectives are no longer aligned

Optimally, we accept job offers because we believe that we will fit in the company, meaning that our professional goals are somehow aligned with their business objectives. But over time, this can change and it's totally fine to decide that it's time to move on.

2. Your skills are not being put to good use in the workplace and your ideas are no longer valued

Career site What's For Work? chief executive Teri Hockett told Forbes that when management no longer values your skills or shows you a career path within the company, it's time to move on to another organization that will see your worth.

3. You're no longer passionate about your work and are finding it difficult to physically go to your office

When you're stuck in a rut, it's difficult to get out of bed in the morning and make yourself go to work. But if this consistently happens on a daily basis, you might want to think about why you're no longer passionate about your job and consider looking for work that will bring back that spark in you.

4. You no longer have room for learning and have hit a ceiling

Just like the learning curve, companies have their limits as to what they can teach you. Don't be afraid to decide that you're not learning anything new anymore and have hit that ceiling.

5. You don't fit in with the company culture and dislike most of your coworkers

It's alright to dislike some of your coworkers. But if you find that you disagree with most of them, it might be because of the company culture, which isn't a fit for you. Business Insider reports that there shouldn't be high levels of animosity among coworkers. If there are, it may be a sign that you don't belong there.

6. You don't get along well with your boss and are consistently disagreeing with his or her ideas and managerial style

When you find that problems between yourself and your colleagues or your boss can no longer be alleviated, it means that it's time to find a workplace where you are better accepted.

7. Your work-related stress carries over to other aspects of your life, affecting you physically, too

According to Hockett, when the stress from work starts to affect your physical and mental health, it's a red flag indicating your time to go. Stress from work can be because of toxic workmates or office environments, and this can be unhealthy for you. Put your health above all else and seek another workplace that you think will be more beneficial to you.