Celebrity Miley Cyrus has changed her hairstyle up again by going back to the hairdo that she had at the start of her career when she auditioned for and starred in The Disney Channel’s famous “Hannah Montana” TV show.

Gone are the days at least for now, and possibly beyond as well, of Miley Cyrus's short hair buzz-cut type-look and twerking at the "2013 Video Music Awards," to the beat of singer Robin Thicke’s controversial tune, "Blurred Lines."

Her new look is in the Tennessee native’s latest music video for her new song, "Malibu," that came out this past Thursday, May 11, 2017.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's relationship

Cyrus’s new look and new video go in line with her relationship with her man, actor Liam Hemsworth.

With their relationship previously in the advanced state of engagement: the two reinstated their engagement in 2016, after breaking up in 2013.

Some may feel that Cyrus should have stayed with the short hairstyle that really made her a household name, and not have gone back to her original look that she had at the very start of her career, which was initiated by the audition for “Hannah Montana."

Others, however, might think she should have had her long hair all along, and not have gone through her twerking phase and short hair phase, but as life, and relationships sometimes go, change, no matter how wild, or calm it may seem, can cause a person to grow so to speak.

Nonetheless, Miley Cyrus has come into her own after behaving in a very abstract manner. She now appears to be on a normal, subdued, down-to-earth path and is ready to settle down with her man Hemsworth. Also, by the looks of things, she has matured and become more comfortable in her own skin after going through the previous phase in her life.

This makes Cyrus’s and Hemsworth’s relationship exciting to see in terms of how it will continue to develop.

Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s

Cyrus really made an impact on the world, show business, and was the talk of the town, and the rest of the world when she hit the stage at the "2013 MTV Video Music Awards," and twerked on Thicke to "Blurred Lines." The award show was held at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York on August 25, 2013.

Liam Hemsworth's career

Liam Hemsworth has starred in the "Neighbours" TV show, the "Independence Day: Resurgence," movie, "The Muppets," TV show, the "Workaholics" TV series and the "Saturday Night Live," TV show.

Miley Cyrus's career

Cyrus has had quite the accomplished career herself, and one that has been full of growth. Along with "Hannah Montana," she has also had roles in the "Girls" TV series, and "The Voice" TV show.