A Florida-based hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Lawrence Shapiro, has launched a new protein shake in the UK called, “Help Hair Whey,” that actually reverses Hair Loss. The shake includes essential nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and proteins that greatly improve hair’s health. On the contrary, experts have always cautioned health enthusiasts of protein shakes as they have been known to cause baldness. Therefore, the latest innovation comes as quite a surprise.

How does it work?

As reported by The Daily Mail, the shake which consists of a bunch of other nutrients such as niacin, folic acid, iodine vitamin B12, chlorophyll, zinc, and pantothenic acid is also targeted towards those experiencing menopause, stress, surgery or pregnancy.

As Australian transplant surgeon, Jennifer Martinick on the other hand, claims that protein shakes pose many risks to health, especially in men and chief of them all is hair loss. According to her, protein shakes these days consist of additive that helps individuals buff up their bodies; however, these, in turn, cause severe hair loss. An unnatural form of growth hormones is being introduced into bodies through this protein shakes which ultimately lead to balding. Creator of “Help Hair Whey,” Dr. Lawrence Shapiro claims that his protein shake has scientific backing to help prove that it actually works.

He goes on to explain how traditional protein shakes consist of a substance called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is believed to be a root cause of hair loss.

Other substances that cause balding are creatine and whey isolates, he added. However, “Help Hair Whey,” protein shake does not consist of any of that. Instead, the liquid consists of unprocessed and un-denatured ingredients that actually contribute towards the growth of hair. Shapiro’s latest innovation is backed by several other hair specialists including the London-based Leonora Doclis.

However, she claims that while the supplement will help improve the health of the hair already present on the scalp, it will not necessarily give rise to new hair growth.

Protein shakes might have side effects

In order to stop the loss of hair, one must is more primarily advised to eliminate the consumption of protein shakes, especially those that consist of substances such as creatine and DHEA.

Following which, the individuals must consult professional advice immediately, as immediately stopping the consumption of protein shakes might also carry some side effects. As pointed by The Belgravia Centre, it is important that men also avoid indulging in intense workouts that their bodies clearly aren’t meant for.