Remember Marley from "Marley And Me?" We all thought “hey that’s a funny movie. But it’s just a movie. It can’t possibly happen for real.” Well, breaking news! It just did!

If Marley was an incorrigible Labrador, the accused in question is a crazy Pitbull.

Now Labradors are pretty much known for their eccentricity and playful behavior, even though not all of them are as eccentric as Marley. But pit bulls, on the other hand, are known for their courageous and strong-willed nature, with a fast hand against an attacker or intruder.

You don’t really expect them to be a clown, right?

Well, let me introduce you to a one-of-a-kind Pit Bull who is probably one of the strangest, quirkiest and most adorable pit bulls we’ve ever seen!


She clearly is an odd character, but she’ll crack us up all day every day.

Her owner xsoup4you (Imgur username), happened to share some pictures of his adorable odd species and he captioned them all in a way that makes us re-think pit bulls. But they all definitely show how much he loves his furry friend too!

Here are a 10 of Leela’s images with the captions shared by her owner:

'She frequently sits like this like it’s normal'

How does she even do that? What’s with those hind legs?

'And sleeps like this. Doesn’t seem to have brain damage, but who can really tell?'

A little check-up wouldn’t be the worst thing you know.

'When I tell her she is weird, she throws shade'

Like a bada$$, living the thug life!

We don’t want to upset her.

'Definitely capable of looking guilty'

Are these pictures really of the same dog as the previous one?

'Can’t lay down unless the legs are out.'

I can tell she enjoys lying down after a whole day of running around the house and being adorable!

I mean wouldn’t you?

'She HATES the cold and having her ears cold. Babushka-ing her is what makes her walk'

Making a fashion statement like a boss lady!!

“We went camping for the first time last summer. She didn’t understand mesh at all. Learned she can eat poop from wild animals just fine, but God help you if she doesn’t get her $60 grain-free fancy-*ss dog food. In lamb, specifically. Then you’ll understand the term “sh*t creek” on a whole different level.”

Now, what’s wrong with having mood swings with food?

'Can’t sleep unless you wedge the head and smother her'

Well, not to sound sexist, but I think women are cuddly sleepers!

'So warm and happy'

That almost looks like a normal picture of a normal dog!

If we didn’t know better, we’d say she is just a normal pit bull out and about.

If you’ve had a hard day, be sure to follow the owner for more Leela’s pictures, which we all hope he’ll continue to share!