The world of television shows is ever growing, always primed to quench the thirst of your average person. Gathering up and making the time to watch immersive television shows is not only therapeutic in its own way, but also a considerably good escape from the repetitive rabbit-hole that reality is. There isn’t a shortage of television shows based off of the same basal concept and theory but conceived onto a plethora of platforms, giving them a unique feel while essentially being the same any other. We bet you wouldn’t hesitate to name a bunch.

Smacking all the redundancy in the face and bringing fort quality entertainment amidst an ever-growing cesspool of so-called television shows is none other than “The Walking Dead.

Keeping the essence of entertainment alive

The Walking Dead”, unlike many other shows is one that proudly walks over the remains of what most people would call shows which are the same but with a different husk. The show itself, based on a post-apocalyptic world, brings to life what may truly be the after-effects of a mindless zombie invasion. Premiering for the very first time in October 2010 and running a successful and whopping Eight seasons, the show has been continually broadcasted under the networks Fox Entertainment and AMC.

Based off of the book with the same name, written by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, and Tony Moore, the show stars Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, who gathers up whatever humans remain in the now Zombie infested wasteland, and going all out war-mode on them.

The show, ever since it was conceived on television, has gone on to gather a huge fan-following over its seven-plus years of existence.

The cosplayers who adorn the characters from the show are ones to usually take it up a notch with how realistic their attires turn out to be, severely focussing on minor details and the overall appeal. We've put together a fine list of cosplayers across the globe who have displayed their love and gratitude to the show with their bespoke costumes.

Serious Business


Starting the list off with none other than Rick Grimes himself. It is hard to not believe that this is Andrew Lincoln himself.


Here’s a cosplayer doing absolute justice to Lori Grimes. She’s even got Judith on her way. Incredible effort.


Here’s the iconic Clementine from "The Walking Dead" video game.


Causing a huge furor amidst the fandom with what is to come is none other than Michonne.

Her powerful presence alongside Rick is a legend worth sharing.


Doing full justice to a gender bender Philip Blake aka The Governor is this gorgeous cosplayer.


Slaying the Abraham Ford attitude in its entirety is this cosplayer right here. What a sight. The walkers sure don’t stand a chance.


Carol Peletier in all her glory. The cosplayer here has left no stone unturned. Everything is on fleek.


The one thing that the previous cosplay was lacking were the cookies.

This unforgettable, meme-worthy scene from the show has been graciously captured by this cosplayer.


This list just keeps getting better and more accurate with each and every cosplayer. Here’s Daryl.


Hands down the best Glenn and Maggie cosplay out there. Got a better duo to show us? Go right ahead, we’ll wait.


We thought this might actually be Hershel Greene. To our surprise, it wasn’t.


The same could be said about this cosplayer right here doing absolute justice to Rosita Espinosa.


And just when we thought the list couldn’t get any better, here’s a Tyreese Williams cosplay with baby Judith.


Full points to the gentleman cosplaying the walker. Surreal.


We couldn’t tell this guy apart from the actual Negan. Would you look at that?


Tots make it a wholesome list. Here’s the gang. Love the look on Carl’s face.