Have you ever thought about why cows aren’t seen as cute little animals that can be humans’ best friends? No? Then you are a perfectly normal person. Congratulations. If you did, well, they can be!

Take a look at these pictures that prove cows are just like our friends-Dogs, only a (little bit) bigger:


Look at that little tongue! And the cute eyes! How is that not the absolute sweetest thing in the entire world? Looks like a little teddy bear! Or may I say, teddy Cow? New concept: teddy cows!


After seeing this picture, why would you even think of getting a dog? These cute ears just make her a gorgeous little puppy! And I bet you won’t need to walk her because she’s already outside! Ah, just a perfect pet!


Have you ever seen cows in the snow? No? Then what are you using your internet for? This magnificent view is even more magnificent with one or two (or five, for that matter) cows! It looks completely natural and very comforting! A cow can be your best friend, even in the snow!


Did you know that you can walk a cow, too?

Just like your little puppy, just like the huge dog, it becomes!

A cow needs a walk with her best friend (aka you), and look how happy this one looks? I’m talking about the owner, too! Two amazingly happy faces in one picture! A win-win situation for everyone.


Ummm, who said only horses can have perfect hair?

Look at this cow!

She looks just like a horse (and a dog!) and is completely fine with that! Confident, beautiful, charming… Just, wow! Am I describing the perfect person or a pet???


No words needed here! Just look at this amazing cuddly pet. This is probably the cutest thing you have seen on the internet today!


And…. This one is the second cutest thing you have seen on the internet today. Just like that! On the couch, with a snack, watching a great TV show… Chilling with my cow, LOL!


Who said you need a dog (or a person, for that matter!) to cuddle with? Look at this sweet picture! Doesn’t it look comfortable, laying with your cow on the grass and seeing this beautiful view in front of you?


Do you really need me to tell you that this (again) is the cutest thing ever? THIS COW IS SENDING YOU HER CUTE ANIMAL LOVE!!!

What can be better? Right! Nothing is better than this!


This picture deserves number 1 on this list.

It looks like a meme! “What’s up man?” “Just chilling… with my cow!” It looks very comfortable, doesn’t it? I would 100 percent try to sleep on a farm with a cow hugging me. She is Big and puffy and really amazing to sleep on! This is what I see! This boy is enjoying his life!