The Turpin's Case just caught us all by surprise. Who wouldn't be shocked? When news broke out that there was this couple in California who apparently shackled, starved and taunted their 13 children with food, one could not imagine how this thing could actually happen!

Such a case makes one wonder if these kids were even the Turpins' own children. Of course, no matter whose kids they may be, we all know that such terrible acts are unacceptable. Why did these Parents allegedly do such things? And to think this is not even a movie.

Parental disorder

Most of us must have heard of the term "Parental Guidance" or even a PG-13 that is given as a rating to certain movie flicks. You know - those films with scenes not suitable for children or pre-teens. The Turpin case is like the other way around. It make us think that possibly David or Louise were able to sneak in and get to watch some violent or inhumane productions in some way that it could have influenced their adult thinking and behavior. On the other hand, they could have actually experienced such abuse themselves when they were young, or perhaps were simply lacking in love and attention during their childhood.

It was reported that the mother seemed to be perplexed as to why the children were thought to be in a bad state when the authorities arrived.

It's incredible to believe she could have just been making it all up. How do you know? As far as I am concerned, rather than just condemning, I think that these parents also need some professional help. We need to understand the psychology of such a disturbed parent so that we can all be aware and so apply corrective measures -- if ever such symptoms start to show -- before becoming parents ourselves.

Siblings' future

Without even batting an eyelash, we can imagine the mental and emotional wounds that these children must have endured. Physical recovery is easier. Nutritionists can do something about our BMI. But the psychological thing is different. While there may be survivors to traumatic experiences, how many were actually of this kind?

And how would you know that cases like this one will earn the same positive results when we do not exactly have the same psychological makeup?

For now, one can only think of adoption and foster care as these kids need to heal while they try to assimilate into new families and society. It is going to be a long road to recovery and this is something that potential foster parents need to understand and support.

HR Article 11

In the end, be reminded that the Turpin case has just started and as we know, one is innocent until proven guilty. Sadly, this is true in almost any case even if everything were caught in broad daylight. Hence, while we may have our own prejudices, it would be best to watch and grasp for who knows, this could open up a can of worms to everything linked to inhumane.

Their next court date is on February 23.