Scooby Doo's cousin Scrappy always says, "Da Da Da da da da, Puppy Power" before he goes into action. On February 4, there will be plenty of puppies and loads of action when the 14th annual Puppy Bowl airs on Animal Planet at 3:00 PM. The canines will play their own brand of football and even have some felines on hand. This Superbowl Sunday staple has found homes for many shelter animals and every precaution is taken to make sure the small dogs are well cared for and that there is no abuse. Two or three days worth of work goes into this hour-long production that gains more loyal viewers each year.

Behind the scenes at the Puppy Bowl

There is much work that goes on behind the scenes in order to achieve the desired result that thrills animal lovers each year during the Superbowl. According to Wikipedia, the show's producer says that three days worth of hard work, which equals about 53 hours, are needed in order to produce one hour-long program. Close to 50 Animal Planet employees and an equal number of volunteers are often on hand to make sure things run smoothly.

The canines are supplied by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the goal is to see that as many of the puppies as possible are adopted after the show.

There are representatives from the ASPCA on hand to ensure that there is no mistreatment of the young dogs and veterinarians are standing by just in case there happens to be a medical emergency. The pups are also given breaks every 30 minutes.

Puppy power reigns on Superbowl Sunday

The Puppy Bowl airing at 3:00 PM EST allows football fans to enjoy the canine games before the Superbowl begins.

The program also replays each hour throughout the night for those who missed the first show or anyone not interested in the watching big game. You can also go to the Animal Planet website and watch previous shows anytime to see the power of the pups in action.

Although the puppies will reign supreme, you can count on an appearance by the felines on Sunday.

There is always a skit, halftime show or even some type of game each year where kittens are utilized and they too can be adopted. Puppy Bowl XIV is being sponsored by Subaru, who along with Animal Planet, recently hosted a "road to the Puppy Bowl" event at a Subaru near Philadelphia. In 2014 during Puppy Bowl X, there were more than 200,000 tweets and close to 14,000 viewers during the six airings of the show. Be sure to tune in and give the pups your support.