Meghan Markle continues to break new ground as her wedding date to Prince Harry gets closer. She is the first bi-racial person to marry into the Royal Family, who is also divorced and had a career as an American actress. Now, the former "Suits" star will have the distinction of becoming the first woman ever to hold the title of Dutchess of Sussex when her husband becomes the Duke. Previously Prince George II did not approve of his son's two wives and considered the unions to be unlawful. For this reason, neither wife was afforded the honor that now goes to Markle.

She also has the approval of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip.

The Dutchess of Sussex

According to Hello Magazine, an insider said that Harry and Meghan showed themselves to be friendly with everyone during the Queen's Staff Christmas party at Windsor Castle. This seems to indicate that Markle is quickly settling into her new role as part of the Royal Family. Once she is officially the Dutchess of Sussex there will be many engagements that will need to be fulfilled. The future wife of the man who is fifth in line to the British throne is giving every indication that she will fit in very well at Buckingham Palace.

It is being reported that over the summer, Prince Harry introduced his grandparents Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip to episodes of "Suits" so they could see what his future bride did for a living.

Although they are in their 90's the Queen enjoys keeping up to date with what is going on in the world. She is said to be well pleased with the woman who is going to marry her grandson, so, thus far Meghan Markle is batting 100.

The Royal Family is embracing Markle

Prince Harry is said to be very close to his grandparents and was excited to introduce them to his future wife and also show them her talent as an actress in "Suits." While initially, some people had a problem with Meghan's ethnicity, the Royals have shown her nothing but love.

The wedding is scheduled for May 19th of this year and it looks like everything is going to go off without a hitch.

The new Dutchess of Sussex seems poised to step into her role as the wife of a prince with charm and grace. Sarah Ferguson and even Princess Diana at times seemed to buck Royal Family traditions, but Meghan Markle appears to be taking her cues on how to become a part of the House of Windsor from her future sister-in-law, Kate, by endearing herself to her new family and following protocol. Time will tell how it all plays out.