It is traditional to spend a lot of money on your sweetie on February 14. Diamonds, furs, chocolate, large stuffed animals, roses, and expensive lingerie are the norm for many. If you are on a budget this Valentine's Day, there are a number of low cost and no-cost ways to make the day special for the one you love. You can be creative and have a lot of fun planning special moments that will far outlast many of the items you would normally have to stretch your finances in order to pay for. Begin choosing your own methods of how you will celebrate this Sweetheart's Day, by giving your loved one a holiday that is truly one to remember.

Low-cost ways to enjoy February 14

Consider doing your shopping at Dollar Tree as they have a number of items that are just as good as those that are more costly in other stores. You can purchase a box of chocolates, a valentines day a balloon, a small stuffed animal, and a beautiful card for under four dollars. You can also check out their frozen food section and, for the same amount of money, make your sweetie a delicious inexpensive meal. You can do it all on a budget of under $10.00.

You can also find bargains for February 14 at stores such as Big Lots, Dollar General, and Family Dollar. The latter two often have undergarments for both men and women that are not more than $10.00 each.

Goodwill is also a great place to shop because many locations now sell brand lingerie, candles, jewelry, and bath soaps at a fraction of their original cost. You can also often find small houseplants for $3.00-$10.00 at places like Lowes and Home Depot. Just set your budget and stay within it.

You don't have to spend a dime on Valentines Day

Thanks to the Internet there are methods to declare your love for your sweetie without spending one dime. You can send a lovely free ecard on social media, in a text message, or by email. You might find a favorite photo to upload to Twitter, or Facebook and add a declaration of your love.

There are also temporary Facebook frames for holidays and you could use one with an image of you and the one you love. Any or all of these no-cost suggestions are sure to please.

Depending on where you live, and the weather on Valentine's Day, you might try picking wildflowers if you walk or jog through a trail where it's allowed. Find a container in your house for the flowers and decorate it. Raid your fridge or cabinets and create a delicious home-cooked meal. Set the atmosphere, on February 14, by playing your favorite music, lighting candles, or burning incense. Dance to your favorite slow song and make the moment linger.

Give your home the element of change, by rearranging the furniture your den or living room, and or putting different covers on your bed. Pop popcorn and sit down together for a favorite movie or television show. Hold hands, lay your head on his or her shoulder and say I love you. You will now have enjoyed Valentine's Day without spending any money. Thus proving two old adages to be true, "Simple pleasures are the best," and, "The best things in life are free."