‘’Dreams come through, it can happen to you if you are young at heart.’’ Remember this old song? Well, dreams can sometimes be an indication of illness even when you are unaware that you are ill. Having one disturbing dream should not be a cause for alarm. We all have vivid dreams from time to time. From Vivid dreams to nightmares, and to frequent dreams, we can learn a whole lot from our nocturnal adventure. However, if you have recurring disturbing dreams, perhaps your subconscious is trying to tell you it is time for a checkup. Here are some dreaming issues that may indicate that something very serious is wrong with your health.

1. Frequent dreams

Frequent dreams could be a sign of mood disorder such as anxiety and depression, chronic pain, Adverse Effect of antidepressants and hormonal imbalance. Often times, the dreamer wakes up to remember little or nothing about the dream. Also, hot or cold weather during the night can result in dream frequency in some persons.

2. Nightmares

Sometimes, we have frightening and unpleasant dreams at night. This could be as a result of your day’s experience or a scary or horror movie you watched before going to bed. However, it can indicate something serious is going on with your health. Nightmares can be linked to sleep apnea or heart disease. Heart diseases can reduce the amount of oxygen reaching your brain thereby causing a nightmare.

According to Dr. W8illiams Kholer, the medical director of the Florida Sleep Institute, blocked airway caused by sleep apnea could also result in frightening dreams.

3. Strange and unusual dreams

Although there are so many reasons that could cause one to have strange and unusual dreams, it could also indicate a medical disorder such as neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disorder, infection, narcolepsy, adverse effect of drugs such as antidepressants, sedatives, and alcohol.

It is very important to know the exact cause of your strange dreams. This will help you find a solution before it becomes a serious problem. Of course, no one feels comfortable having strange and unusual dreams all night.

4. Erotic dreams

Actually, erotic dreams do not represent anything about your sex life rather it indicates an increased level of creativity.

According to the psychologist Ian Wallace, the rate at which people have erotic dreams increases as they age. He explained that this could be as a result of the new creative hobbies they take up after retirement.