February 14 is creeping closer and for some of us, that sparks a need to head to the nearest store and purchase a family sized bar of chocolate for one person. But hey, don't worry! We've all been there and who says that Valentine's Day isn't for everyone? I mean if you view this one day of the year as a 24-hour period that you'd rather skip in fear of feeling alone, then you're looking at it all wrong! See in my mind it's just like any other day. It's a day that we as people have created and marked, but it's just another day in the year. So why not share the love?

Whether it's with your partner, friends, family or even your fur babies? Just sit down, relax and grab a cup of tea because this post is all about Valentine's Day and if that's not an excuse to Love Yourself then I don't know what is! Click here to see '4 Last Minute DIY Valentine's Day Gift Ideas'

So what's Galentine's Day?

Galentine's Day is pretty much self-explanatory... gal (girl) - alentine's (just like valentine's) and Day so it's pretty much the same except it's totally not, and more girls need to get on board with the Galentine's Day train. So here's a breakdown of what the day actually is. It's the day before Valentine's Day - February 13th. Oh look it's today! In my book, it's one of the most sacred of holidays.

It's a day where you and your gal pals can get together and celebrate each other! We all know that Valentine's Day entails the romance, the treating of chocolates, the gifting of stereotypical roses, and more. Well, I have news for you! You and your gals are in for the best time because I have some celebration ideas for you to enjoy!

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Five top celebration ideas

1. Host a Galentine's Day dinner - Get your best girls together and enjoy delicious food. You could even make it easier on the host and suggest that everyone brings something, or maybe you could even turn it into a baking competition and ask that everyone cooks something.

Maybe your dinner could have a theme or you could just freestyle it and eat whatever you want!

2. Have a slumber party - This is another great idea, get a bunch of girls together and you're all set. You can watch your all-time favorite movies, have a little wine because why not? Paint your nails, do each other's hair, trade stories and sing along to your favorite songs. Now that sounds like a party that I want to attend!

3. Doll up and hit the town - That's right! Have a night out on the town, go and get your best little black dress! What are you waiting for? Let's go! Have a cocktail or two and dance the night away with your squad. Be the group that everyone is looking at and thinking squad goals


Have a scavenger hunt - Okay has anyone ever seen the film 'Sleepover'? If you haven't, why not? It's an old school 2004 classic chick flick but none the less it has set the tone as one of the greatest sleepovers in history. It's pretty much any teenage girls dream. In the summer before starting high school, Julie and her best friends have a slumber party. They decide they're going to use the night to shed their nerdy reputations, and they end up in a scavenger hunt against a group of "popular" girls. To win, Julie and her friends have to steal a car and a boy's underpants and sneak into a nightclub, all without Julie's mum finding out. Of course, certain things happen along the way which complicates the plan a little but what's life without improvisation?

So have a scavenger hunt, get in your car and look for things around town! Or just watch the Sleepover, I mean it's just as good a plan in all honesty!

5. Enjoy a spa day - Now this one is totally up to you. You could book a spa day or an overnight stay at a luxury retreat for you and your girls or you could organize your own little pampering session from home. With those DIY face masks that you can buy, all that's missing is a super snug dressing gown and some Wotsits, then you're the complete Jenna Rink from '13 Going On 30'.