The era of the Cold War between the two superpowers Russia and the United States no longer exists but both want to play safe and be ready to tackle any threat that might arise. America has accused Russia of interfering in its domestic affairs and relations have been strained at times. Russia, on its part, annexed Crimea in spite of US objections.

The Wire reports that the age of threatening with nuclear weapons has made way for warfare using Artificial Intelligence. This is achieved by resorting to advanced technologies that depend on software having the power to cripple important computer systems.

War rooms look towards AI

In the opinion of experts, the importance of artificial intelligence in war rooms of both Russia and the United States is increasing. The reason is its ability to accelerate decision making since the system can process large volumes of data more quickly than humans. AI has already entered some areas like drones, self-driving cars, and cybersecurity. The Cold War of the future could be a war based on mastery over AI.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has, during a meeting in Moscow, suggested that AI is an option he could explore in order to ensure rebalancing of power with the US. Russia has already decommissioned its huge stock of nuclear arsenal, and a cold war of today would go in for cyberattacks that can be more destructive.

The Russian president feels artificial intelligence will gain global importance and he who masters it will rule the world.

Artificial intelligence and robotics

NASA has sent its Curiosity rover to explore Mars. It has been there for more than five years working 24/7 to send back to Earth valuable data that will help in colonization of the planet at a future date.

This rover is the best example of what artificial intelligence can achieve. In fact, all space exploration programs including the International Space Station depend heavily on AI. The ISS is the Skylab where astronauts of Russia and the United States undertake joint exercises in space research, but on the ground, they have divergent ideologies.

Another area of AI is the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or drones. These have proved their worth in not only the battlefields but also in civil life to deliver products. These are not just machines with human-level intelligence but are designed on a set of algorithms and technologies that help to carry out predefined tasks.

Exhibitions are held at regular intervals to encourage the development of robots which are vital for future applications. Saudi Arabia has granted citizenship to Sophia, a humanoid created by Hong Kong, and the stage is set for many more Sophias to appear on the scene.