Russia gathered around again this week to watch their president do something...different. This time around, Vladimir Putin took a freezing dip. It was all to mark a religious ceremony invoking Jesus Christ. The moment was broadcast to people across the country on Russian state television. For some, it wasn't the prettiest sight. At this point, however, the people are used to seeing the leader without his shirt on. It's just a question of which picture is better. A report by the Washington Post provided most of the details used in this article.

Taking the frozen plunge

Putin did the deed in Lake Seliger, which is about 250 miles north of Moscow, where the Russian president takes up his residence. First, he walked on the lake's frozen ice, taking in the views in his sheepskin coat and comfortable felt boots. Then, he took it a step further. He decided to strip off some of his comfortable layers and take a dip into the less ice-heavy part of the lake. The temperature outside at the time was a cool 21 degrees Fahrenheit - not necessarily swimming weather.

While Putin walked into the water, religious carolers sang a tune.

Putin seemed like he wanted to hop out of the water quickly, but he dipped his whole body underwater one more time, perhaps as a show of strength. For outsiders watching - and people are clearly meant to watch - it may simply seem like another strange moment out of Russia. But it was really just an opportunity to celebrate the Orthodox celebration of Epiphany.

Shirtless Putin rides again

Taking off his top is nothing new for Vladimir Putin. While most political leaders would never even consider showing some skin, the president of Russia enjoys showing off his body for the world to see. He once famously rode on horseback without wearing a shirt, arguably the most famous photograph of his long tenure in charge of the country.

He is also often depicted by Beck Bennett on "Saturday Night Live" sans shirt.

The fact of the matter is that this particular celebration of Epiphany is common throughout Russia. This is the first time Putin publicly celebrated since he took office in 2000, but similar celebrations happen around the country each year. There's just the greatest interest in this celebration because it shows one of the most powerful men in the world flexing his muscle at a time where many believed he flexed his mental muscle to outmaneuver the United States in the 2016 presidential election.

Or maybe people are just endlessly interested in the 65-year-old's physique.