Robotics is gradually invading our lives and threatening many professions, the latest being that of the fashion models. Sophia, the humanoid robot created by a Hong Kong firm two years ago, has been picked up by a fashion magazine in Britain to adorn its cover. The magazine is the Stylist and it was for its 400th issue. This humanoid is an example of what Artificial Intelligence can achieve because Sophia has the necessary charm to win over viewers and could pave the way for others to follow.

Daily Mail UK reports that this robot is special. It seems it had expressed a desire to start a family, just like any other woman.

It created history when Saudi Arabia granted it citizenship in October last year and was the first instance of a robot being granted legal citizenship.

Artificial intelligence is making inroads

Sophia is an example of what the future holds in store for us. It is a humanoid robot and its entry into the fashion world has proved that a time will come when artificial intelligence can match human intelligence. The photo-shoot for the magazine was done by drones, and the model was able to answer questions in her very own interview. Obviously, robotics will not be confined only to scientific research like the Mars Curiosity rover but will make their presence felt in other areas as well. As someone commented on Instagram – "it is scary stuff."

This robot was created by a Hong Kong firm Hanson Robotics and came on the scene a couple of years back.

Its name is Sophia and it has the ability to blink, look from side to side and talk like a human being. These abilities include chatting, smiling mischievously and sharing jokes. The shape of its head resembles that of a human, and in the initial stages, it did not have any legs. That deficiency was removed and it now has legs to provide mobility which adds to its strength.

Robots will edge out humans

Sci-fi movies of the "Star Wars" and "Terminator" genre depict robots engaged in various activities. In real life too, artificial intelligence is applied in areas that can be automated through preset programs. Robotics has found acceptance in not only space research but also in healthcare. Regular exhibitions are held to encourage robot manufacturers to come up with new ideas.

Sophia is a window to the future and as robotics expands, it could force humans to explore alternate avenues of employment because robots have their advantages. They can work 24/7, will not fall sick or demand wage increases, or need vacations and employers will benefit.