A new article By Salon, detailing President Donald Trump's morning routine and habits, has given a fascinating view into how the most unorthodox president in history spends his time getting ready for the day. To nobody's surprise, a typical morning includes a full dose of Trump's favorite news channel, Fox News.

Waking up at 5:30 AM, despite only getting the usual four to five hours of sleep per night, Trump begins his day by turning on Fox News. His favorite program, "Fox & Friends," is a staple as it is on in the background no matter what room the president is in.

Rather than venture to the oval office, as most of his predecessors would do, Trump would spend a majority of his morning in his private quarters. There, he could take care of the important things. This includes checking up on the media coverage and what they are saying about him and sending off tweets regarding whatever he is feeling at the time.

While locked away, Trump does have a few visitors. This includes mainly his inner circle: Chief of Staff John Kelly, National Security Adviser H. R. McMaster, Communications Director Hope Hicks, and aides Dina Powell, Jared Kushner, and Ivanka Trump.


When he does get to work, many describe Trump with two phones on hand. One is the official White House landline and the other his personal phone used for sending Twitter updates.

Both must be close by at all times, so much so that aides refer to the phones as "Trump One" and "Trump Two."

It is easy to get a read on what the president is watching on the news as his tweets usually tell the tale. If he likes or dislikes a certain topic or comment, it is guaranteed he will tweet about it. He usually will call up congressional leaders shortly after they appear on news outlets to talk about what he just saw them say on television.

Later in the day, he will ring up old friends and media connects to complain or praise the coverage about him. The amount of time Trump spends during the day on himself is astounding.

Picture of paranoia

The whole article paints the picture of a president who is constantly aware of what is being said about him. His reactionary behavior to these comments is alarming as he comes off as incredibly paranoid.

Though he says he is working hard at "Making America Great Again," President Trump spends an awful lot of time responding to his critics. Many of whom simply lash out at the president because they know he will respond.

It's a scary proposition, as someone could seemingly manipulate the president through his favorite tv show in order to steer policy. In fact, it may already be happening now.