A Content creator who delivers awesome content but does not have traffic to get to their content is working in futility. Rich content remains an outstanding key to success as a blogger but it goes beyond that. Google search is a determining factor in one's success as a Content Creator as it owns one of the largest online traffic hubs.

In no time, Google can make one's content that's filled with valuable information, a much sought-after author. Founded in 1998, Google boasts of a very capable and bountiful stream of generic traffic for one's content.

Content creators should take adequate time out to search, study and utilize the full potential of Google's search console.

This great webmaster tool, when properly used, helps to reduce and even eradicate hidden default errors that could hamper one's blog from doing fine on Google Search Engine. Worthy of note for a blogger is the fact that, SERP (Search Engine Results Page) dominance should be tops on a content creator's mind.

In fact, there are no shortcuts, magic nor tricks to rule the search engines except following step by step processes which are not too difficult to understand and implement. One of these is how to harness the power of rich content delivery to enable one's blog to dominate Google Search engine.

Content presentation or the value of the information which a blogger dishes to their audience is of great import, as one should have knowledge of what materials is shared out to readers. Not to leave out SEO or Search Engine Optimization as another viable way to get to the top of the chart; the road to high Google page ranking requires dedication and the implementation of a working step by step formula.

This includes excellent content creation and marketing. Away from traffic to one's blog and all of that, attention should be shifted to the term Content Marketing. Listed below are few simple ways to get it done properly.

1. Powerful Keywords

Keywords or labels play a fundamental role in Google page ranking. a good and excellent stream of keywords could trigger one's blog to rank very high on the Google Search engine.

Before generating and using keywords, you need to know that proper keyword research should be conducted.

The aim of this exercise is to make sure that one has sifted thoroughly through trending keywords of the day or week. It does not end there - after sifting through, its imperative to now choose the keywords that have something to do with your content. When stray visitors search for like content the chosen keywords this will make the author's post to appear so that these unique visitors or first time visitors can visit the blog to read.

2. Sales oriented content

Content creators should, once in a while, let their audience know what they do aside from just writing. And even if writing content for a living is all they do, a more professional description should be coined into a post to showcase what additional forms of writing they do.

You take time to sell yourself. This builds a deep sense of trust between author and reader.

3. Engaging content

Content creators should also churn out quite attractive and highly informative content to their audience. These types of content help grow a loyal audience base. Creating content that keeps the audience coming back for more takes more than just valuable information. It should help the audience find a safe landing where a connection between author and reader is achieved.

These sorts of posts also go along way to drive even more traffic to the author's blog, because readers who have found the content to be very valuable will not find it difficult to share with their own friends, family, and colleagues.

They will in-turn click on the shared weblink to get to the content, thereby giving the author an additional pass in the form of a higher page rank on Google search engine.

4. Intriguing content

Once in a while, a content creator should create posts that strive at generating a belief system in their audience. This sort of content should touch a soft spot in the reader's mind, where faith keeps the reader fully engrossed in all subsequent posts of the author. Note that these types of posts must carry words that promote the author as a brand