The Advent of the internet has come with its own positive edge as our world today has moved-on from the nominal library-going routine. The literary world has taken a new direction with the arrival of the internet and its technological advances.

Both authors and readers are caught in the new-age web of going online either to upload one's book for the reader to gain access to read as an author, or to go online to download books as a reader. With the below-listed websites, passionate readers and authors alike have the opportunity of both uploading and downloading Ebooks on these Free open source platforms.

The below-listed websites have been monitored for assurance purposes as they run on secure servers that have not been found to crash.

Advantages of the internet to the reading community

Passionate book readers do not need to trek or drive long distances to get to the comfort of a library to get books to read, as the internet offers readers these days the convenience of not stepping a foot outside their abode to read volumes and volumes of books.

The advent of the internet has also saved both money and space as books which come in paper form take up much space and over time, either start to decay or get destroyed by pests and insects. In the past, this would call for seeking more space to stockpile books as they increase and cost lots of money to get books fumigated against pests and insects which would destroy them.

The community of readers now goes on the internet with either a smartphone, laptop or PC to read as many books as they can dedicate their time to.

In the past, websites did spring up to sell books online in formats that would be recognized by either PDAs, Smartphones or PCs, and the good news is that they did make a killing from that business.

From the look of things, its quite a different ball game today as several websites have sprung up on the internet to dole out books online for readers to download for free - yes, 100 percent free. This way, the reading culture among today's non-reading youths has improved and passionate book readers the world over now have access to even more volumes of books to read through their lifetime.

1. ManyBooks

This is a very classy website with over 21,500 Ebooks in its very collection. ManyBooks offers its visitors ebook downloads across different platforms i.e PDAs, Mobile Phones, iPods, and PCs.

2. Scibd

Scribd is an open source ebook download platform which also allows its visitors the convenience of directly sharing content from the website to their blogs, apps, and websites. The website offers Ebooks for download to passionate readers on a cross-platform basis either via Microsoft Word, ePUB, Kindle, PDF and other ebook formats.

3. Free Book Spot

This website with its massive Ebook library cachment offers its visitor free access without the stress and hassles of registration. The Website offers 95 categories of content from over 72GB of Ebooks stored on its servers globally.

4. Free Ebooks

Free-Ebooks is a registration-based website, as the website offers newsletters to its registered members and keeps a community of ardently faithful readers and authors whose feedback the website administrators use to improve service on the platform. The website has different categories and being a reader/author community Free-Ebook serves an open source website for its many visitors worldwide. The website offers e-magazines which come free along with its Ebooks. N.B: Authors are also required to register to be able to upload content i.e ebooks or e-mags onto the website for readers to access.

5. SnipFiles

This website offers not only Ebooks in various reader-friendly formats but a very large inexhaustible cache of free softwares for its visitors to access and download. The website has different categories of content and offers its visitor 100 percent download of both ebooks and software from its server.