Omarosa is certainly enjoying her 15 minutes of fame now that she has left the White House. She is implying that she has a story to tell and her wording indicates it has to do with racism within the Trump Administration. Mrs. Manigault Newman, however, sees to elicit negativity from most people who discuss her and this is especially true within the Black Community. She had a public spat with White House correspondent April Ryan and CNN commentator Angel Rye laughed in the camera and replied, "Bye girl," regarding the former reality TV star getting kicked out of the White House.

There are varied opinions on why this woman is so disliked, but the main consensus seems to be that Omarosa is only interested in what is best for herself.

Omarosa lacks the class of Michelle Obama

When the Obama's were headed to the White House there were sneers and jeers from some who believed they would be shucking and jiving, but the Obama's conducted themselves with class, just like prior first couples. Although she is the first lady of a church, Manigault-Newman continues to conduct herself in what many consider un-Christlike behavior. She was rude and crude on "The Apprentice" and has often been cursing on screen. The night Donald Trump won the election, she pushed her way past everyone to stand by his side.

This pushiness is one reason many seem to hate her. She was even booed off the stage after an appearance on "The View."

It is clear that Mrs. Manigaul-Newman loves the spotlight and believes she had the president's ear, but her behavior is the complete opposite of Michelle Obama, who was a gracious first lady. Rumor has it that Omarosa walked around 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

as if she owned the place, but had no clear purpose, which seems to be the root of much of the hostility toward her. If indeed she was dragged kicking and screaming from the White House, this is pretty shameful.

Why African Americans dislike Omarosa

Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice were African Americans who held high ranking positions within the Bush Administration and both commanded respect.

Omarosa aligned herself with Donald Trump and even defended him, even when he defended White Supremacists. Manigault Newman was made a liaison between blacks and the Trump Administration but has done nothing to bridge the ever-widening gap.

This champion of Donald Trump went on record as saying that "Donald" is the most powerful man in the universe and people would bow to him. Many Americans, of all ethnicities, considered this as an attempt to make a name for herself. Perhaps the reason why so many people seem to hate Manigault Newman can be summed up by an anonymous quote from "The Daily Beast." The unnamed source stated that: “She has no mission or goal other than to make Omarosa the head sister in charge.”