It is the time of the year where all the stores and restaurants start playing Christmas holiday Tunes. You head to Christmas markets and you hear the same carols being sung. Some dread these tunes, while others will start singing along. Which one are you?

In a Consumer Reports Poll in 2011, 25 percent of Americans think that these seasonal tunes are some of the most dreaded music, falling just behind meeting certain relatives during the holiday season.

Why are Christmas tunes dreaded by some?

This could be because stores often overplay these Christmas carols and tunes, and listening to these tunes may even interfere with your concentration when you are shopping for an appropriate present for your partner.

It definitely makes a lot of sense that too much of anything is a bad thing, causing one to feel frustrated, annoyed, and even stressed.

That being said, the retail staff gets it worse, as they are forced to listen to these tunes over and over again, on a seemingly interminable loop in their workplace. These music repetitions may even negatively affect their emotional well-being.

Nonetheless, the majority still enjoy listening to these tunes as it gets them into the festive mood. The store that plays "All I want for Christmas is You," would encourage you to sing along and even dance to the tune.

So why play music?

If you notice, the fast Christmas jingles are often not played in shops as retailers use melodious, soulful music to relax you and encourage you to stay in the store for a longer period of time, browsing through the items on sale, perhaps even enticing you to purchase them.

Since the fast jingles like "Jingle Bells" will instead energize shoppers and cause them to speed past the aisles, retailers often do not play this in their stores. The same ploy is used in fast food restaurants when restaurateurs play fast upbeat music to encourage you to finish your food quickly so that your seat can be given up to the next customer, driving more sales.

Also, do you notice that each one of us enjoy different types of music? Some enjoy the mellow styles of music like soft rock, soul, and jazz, while others enjoy the high energy styles such as heavy metal and hard rock music. This could also play a part in explaining why some people dread the Christmas melodies, as it does not suit their taste in music.

So, the next time you hear a Christmas tune or even a song that does not match your taste in music, take a deep breath and relax. Understand that the music you enjoy listening to is all a matter of taste and style.