Parents who have a child with Down syndrome have more problems than most people know about. A couple in Pearland, Texas was faced with an unusual problem last Thursday when a substitute teacher called the police on their 6-year-old son and reported him as a Terrorist.

Mohammed Suleiman attends C.J. Harris Elementary School in Pearland, Texas. The boy was born with Down syndrome chromosome 21. He doesn't speak and has learning difficulties with the mental capacities of a one-year-old child who needs constant care.

Terrible mistake

Mohammad's regular teacher was absent from the classroom on the day of the incident.

A substitute teacher who didn't understand the little boy's condition insisted that she heard him say "Allah" and "boom." Without notifying the principle, the substitute teacher made the decision on her own to call the Pearland Police Department. She reported what she thought she heard. Even after Mohammed's father, Maher Suleiman explained that his son does not speak at all, the teacher insisted that he could and he did say those two words. Because of the words, the substitute teacher labeled the boy a terrorist.

Discrimination or not?

Maher called the incident discrimination on two levels. He believes his son was discriminated because he is a Muslim and because he has Down syndrome. He firmly believes the substitute teacher showed discrimination toward his son because of those two reasons.

What the teacher did set off an investigation by the police department and another one by the local Child Protective Services. The Pearland police officials concluded at the end of their investigation that they found nothing to investigate further. Child Protective Services is still investigating the case because officials want to get to the bottom of the unfortunate situation involving the young child.

Entire family affected

Maher says the incident has taken a toll on his entire family. It has been stressful for him, his wife and the rest of his kids.

The school district cannot release confidential information concerning students or employees. Therefore, it is unknown what the district decided to do about the case. It wasn't revealed what happened to the substitute teacher or if the boy continues to go to the school.

Social media was outraged because of this. What do you think about this situation? Don't you think the substitute teacher should not have taken the matter into her own hands by calling the police?