Virtual reality goggles have been showing up in more and more households every day, resulting in prices continuously, and significantly declining. Even better, you don't need a computer or console to experience virtual reality anymore, you just need $5 and a smartphone. I have composed a few things that you can do with a Vr Headset from the safety of your home.

Playing games

Playing games in a virtual reality setting is incredibly easy. All you need is your VR gear, an open area, and an optional Bluetooth joystick. Take a quick app store search and find yourself a game of choice.

If you don't have a joystick, chose a game that requires little or no walking. If you have a joystick, your selection of games is colossal, ranging from an archery game to an online FPS. Once you have installed the game and quickly calibrated your device, you can immerse yourself in a whole new world from your living room.

Watch a movie

Some people like to argue that Watching Movies with a VR headset is silly, but they couldn't be more wrong. One reason Virtual Reality Headsets are so special is because they feature a 3D display. After installing a big screen environment or VR movie app, you can choose a film of your choice and watch it. This is described by VR fans as an experience like never before and is something you should definitely try.

If watching a normal movie isn't enough, try out FPS or POV videos. This puts you in the shoes of the main character in a film and has you watching the video through their eyes. This gives you another unique way to watch pictures other than your standard TV screen, making movies even more exciting.

Watch stuff in 360 degrees

This isn't very different from watching movies but is be one of the first things any new VR headset owner should do. A 360 VR film is an immersive experience that puts you in the point of view of a camera but allows you to look in every direction. Some of these simulations are static, but many are dynamic as well.

These can range from a roller coaster ride to a SAW simulation. You can play 360-degree simulations with apps, Youtube or downloadable videos. Many developers make 360-degree simulations, and the possibilities are endless with new content being released every day.

The possibilities with VR glasses are endless, and with the technology evolving daily, there's a bright future ahead of us. Soon we will have affordable ways to feel, walk or even taste in a virtual world. However, right now we only have what's available, and should try to make the best out of it.