We are slowly starting to see more and more games designed specifically for virtual reality. Each time a title is announced for playstation vr or one of the other devices, it guarantees that this new technology will not end up being just a fad. "Gungrave VR" is the latest title to be announced for the platform, and one that has roots in anime, manga, and a Playstation 2 game.

Original PlayStation 2 'Gungrave'

It was not easy reaching an audience on the PlayStation 2, simply because there was an insane amount of games available on the platform, especially Japanese titles.

It would take quite a bit of luck to rise above the rabble and leave a lasting impression. "Gungrave" came and went without too much fanfare upon its initial release, although its great gameplay and visual style allowed a cult following to develop around it. It is still a genuine surprise to see a sequel released all these years later, especially on PlayStation VR, but it is one we are pretty excited about.

"Gungrave" was a third person shooter which focused only on the shooting elements of these type of games. There are no puzzles to be solved, as the player control Grave down a series of corridors and stages littered with enemies to kill. It can be rather repetitive, but the gameplay and character design are fantastic throughout.

It felt like a budget title at the time and still does, but it was a game worth playing for fans of the source material or those who just wanted a different third person shooter.

The VR sequel

Development is still in its early stages, with only a few screenshots released by Iggymob, the company behind "Gungrave VR". This will offer a side story for the anime and manga, but the game itself is a spiritual sequel to the previous PlayStation 2 version.

Therefore, the gameplay will follow closely from its predecessor.

The screenshot released suggests the same, as players control grave from a third person perspective and fire endless bullets at oncoming enemies. This is pure guess work from here on, but there does seem to be an element of an on rails shooter from the screenshot, as Grave seems to be stationed on one spot, but that might just be us reading into things.

The Japanese version is scheduled to be released sometime this year. Hopefully, it does well enough so a Western port would be a realistic option. We need all the virtual reality games we can get. As Sony has just reduced the price of the PlayStation VR bundle by $50, there might be no better time than to make the plunge.