T-Pain, whose real name is Faheem Rashad Najm is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, and record producer. Throughout his career as a singer, he is best known for using Auto-Tune pitch correction effect. The Auto-Tune king and producer of constant bangers delivered lots of hits during the late 2000s which took him to the top of the chart. A report by MTV provides many of the facts used in this article.

Recently, he revealed on Twitter that two of his songs have been wrongly sung for the last 10 years. According to the Florida singer, the lyrics to “Buy U A Drink” and “All I Do Is Win” are not what people think they are.

It was very clear that people have not been listening closely enough to his music.

What the lyrics actually say and what people think they are

Well, maybe everything you know about T-Pain's early hits is a lie. According to the Auto-Tune God, the lyrics to his Billboard chart-topping single “Buy U A Drank,” which has been a certified club anthem for 10 years, actually says, “Ima buy you a drank (and then) Ima take you home with me" instead of “Ima buy you a drank (Ooowee) Ima take you home with me." The "Ooowee" is actually an elongated "And then." As if that wasn’t enough, the Florida singer also broke down the lyrics to “All I Do Is Win,” in one of his recent tweets explaining that the chorus is “Everybody hands go up, and they stay there, and they say yeah.” People have been singing, “Everybody's hands go up, and they stay there, and they stay there” but in reality, the second “and they stay there” is actually “and they say yeah.” The unexpected music lesson and lyric clarification left a lot of people with various thoughts.

Twitter blew up with T-Pain’s fans devastated by the lyrical clarification

T-Pains Tweet got a lot of reactions from his fans. A lot of people think he basically ruined their childhood dreams by revealing the actual lyrics of his two songs. Some of his fans appreciated the lyrical clarification, and some were skeptical, while others said his Tweet was nonchalant and untrue.

One of his Twitter followers @DreDay0815 said that she has Googled the lyrics and it still says "Ooh wee." Another of his Twitter followers and fan @Glock_Lesnar tweeted that T in T-Pain doesn’t stand for truthful because everyone knows the correct lyrics are “ I'ma buy you a drink ooh-wee.” The following day he retweeted that he listened again and realized that it was actually “And then” not “Oo-wee.” In one of Jane Adenuga's Tweets, she said that T-Pain was lying and she wasn’t ready for that.

The Florida singer said further, that it didn’t matter what people sang as long as they enjoyed the song. He explained that he is from Tallahassee and that’s how some of them talk.