December 6 is National Microwave Day. This is the day we celebrate that wondrous invention which transformed the way we cook our food: The microwave.

Invented after an accidental discovery, the microwave has become one of the most important appliances in the Kitchen. Back in 1945 while working on microwave radio signals, Perry Spencer discovered his chocolate bar had melted in his pocket. Sparking an idea, he tried to cook popcorn and then exploded an egg. Both proving his theory that microwaves were cooking the food. And so the microwave was born.

The first versions were somewhat impractical weighing in at 750 pounds. It wasn’t until 1967 when a practical-sized microwave was available on the market, thanks to Japanese developed electron tubes. Finally, we had something that fits on the kitchen counter!

We have not looked back

Since then we haven’t looked back. The microwave can be used to cook nearly every food imaginable. Especially convenient is its ability to reheat already cooked food and to thaw frozen food.

Originally pricing out around $2000-$3000, and the size of a fridge they weren’t terribly user-friendly.

Microwaves now cost as little as $40 and fit into even the smallest kitchen.

But the microwave isn’t just for cooking your food. Ingenious experimenters have found that you can use your microwave to help your yeast rise, rehydrate stale bread, and even disinfect your kitchen cutting board and sponges.

Celebrating the microwave day

To celebrate National Microwave Day you might want to re-create the first microwave food to be cooked. Start with melting a chocolate bar, continuing on to popping some popcorn, and then explode an egg.

Now you might want to reconsider that last one. But if you really do want to explode an egg, because you’re a traditionalist, you might want to wrap it in a tea towel before you cook it just to make sure it doesn’t make a mess of your microwave.

If you don’t feel the need to be so literal in your celebration of the event, why not just cook your food all in the microwave for the day? With the versatility of the microwave, you will have lots to choose from.

Of course, we now know that you can cook eggs in the microwave if you prepare them properly. Popcorn is still a perennial favorite, and most food for lunch and dinner can be cooked in the microwave with ultra ease.

It’s easy to forget with the versatility of the microwave. Don't overlook the importance of stuff we use every day, take a moment to appreciate your lowly microwave on its special day, National Microwave Day December 6th.