As families join together this Christmas, only one thing should be on the table: Pizza. Wait, what?

Politics should definitely be off the table, considering how polarizing they can be these days. Eggnog is permissible, as is any holiday cocktail worthy of a whole day spent with family you can't wait to get away from. But forget the rest of the traditional dishes that find their ways to Christmas buffets across the world on December 25. Instead, consider pizza, as one Twitter user bravely did.

A pizza for all seasons

Twitter user "@toxicsmore" went to the social media platform on December 3, ready to share their love for the holidays.

Accompanying the caption was a picture of a freshly-made pizza, still sitting on the stove. There was something obviously unique about this doughy concoction, though. It didn't look like it was stacked with the traditional tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, or even a pepperoni or two.

Instead, it looked like a wacky Christmas science experiment gone wrong (or right, depending on your perspective).

The side-by-side pictures provide some perspective on what this was meant to be. Whether or not that idea was wise remains to be seen. The candy canes, which once looked so glistening in their pure solid state, now look like an impressionist painting splattered over a confused canvas.

Santa Claus seems to have survived the worst of it, but still doesn't belong on the pizza, either as a hard candy or a gummy. Regardless of palette, reactions to the Christmas confection were strong.

Christmas kerfuffle

People on social media were largely not happy about the pizza abomination. Multiple users threatened to get law enforcement involved, since they obviously have nothing better to do two and a half weeks before Christmas than worry about a cooking experiment.

Others claimed that the baker wouldn't like what was coming in their stocking. Some even dared to compare it to another controversial Italian dish: pineapple pizza.

So the candy cane pizza wasn't a hit. The spirits of this inventive chef should not be dampened by the failure.

They were probably inspired by the proliferation of YouTube programs that show wacky ingredients being combined for one...intriguing dish. They just wanted in on the game - it doesn't have to end with mozzarella cheese collapsing on to a stove top that feels unloved.

Just leave the Christmas gummies out of it next time!