Christmas is coming (and the geese are getting fat and all that), and it’s time to start thinking about decorating the Christmas tree. Most of us hate the part where we have to add the strands of lights, while winding them around the tree and getting all tangled up. It turns out there’s a much better and easier way of doing things, which could probably change your holiday traditions forever.

You’ve been doing the Christmas lights wrong all this time

As reported by Metro, a tip was revealed last year as to the perfect way to light up your Christmas tree with joy.

It was designer Francesco Bilotto who first opened up to HouseBeautiful last year about the ideal method to decorate the tree, without tying yourself up in knots. Instead of endlessly winding the string of lights around the tree – with many bulbs hidden by the branches and foliage – you decorate it vertically. This gives full exposure to all those pretty and colorful lights and is a whole lot easier to do.

Your Christmas tree will ‘twinkle with delight’

Bilotto said by hanging the lights vertically, every part of the tree will “twinkle with delight,” with none of the bulbs hidden in the real (or plastic) foliage. Of course, a further bonus is that when Christmas is over and done, it makes it a lot easier to take off the lights and decorations and a lot less messy.

This way there are far fewer pine needles falling all over the carpet as you end up ripping off the string of lights in sheer frustration.

The way to accomplish this new method is to take the end of the string of lights (away from the plug) hanging it from the top of the tree to the bottom, weaving through the branches where necessary.

When you get to the bottom of the tree, you start heading up again. Keep repeating this until the whole tree is covered, ending up with streams of light shining all over the Christmas tree. In case of any confusion over this ground-breaking method of lighting up the tree, a video is included here.

Changing your ways for Christmas 2017

While some people might pooh-pooh the idea of changing their traditional methods, vertically-decorated Christmas trees do, actually, look pretty good. See the examples included throughout this article.

So, if you haven’t already spent precious minutes of your time winding the lights around your Christmas tree, why not try this method for Christmas 2017. It could change your life! Then you can get down to the fun part of adding all the treasured family ornaments to the tree.