Judge Roy Moore says that America was great and families were united during slavery. This may have been true for his descendants but was certainly not the case for enslaved Africans. History tells us that many slaves had their lives ripped apart because their loved ones were sold away. Some have even considered the judge's statement to indicate he believes this nation was at it's best when black families were owned by whites. The unity that Moore speaks of was when his ancestors lived largely off of the hard backbreaking work that was forced upon enslaved Africans who were forced to come to the United States.

The Judge denies the facts of history

History tells us of the brutal way Africans were treated when slavery was legal in the United States. Alex Haley chronicled how his ancestor Annie was sold away from her husband and daughter Easter in the book and movie "Queen." In his autobiography, Frederick Douglas told of the masters forcing themselves on young slave girls then selling away the children born from these unions. The reason for this inhuman act was that the plantation owners wives could not deal with biracial children looking more like their husband than their own offspring did.

This tale is also told in "Jubilee" by Margaret Walker. Young Vyry Brown looked more like her "Massa" than his own children and the mistress hated her.

The child was often mistreated even though it was not her fault. Vyry also watched time and time again as people she loved were sold away. There was Willie, a young boy that she befriended, Aunt Sally, who raised her after her mother's death, and countless other slaves who were removed from her life. The judge denies these facts with his wording but they are recorded in history.

Judge Moore is viewing American history through his foggy lens

It's obvious that Judge Moore is viewing the history of America through his own foggy lens. He is denying a part of this nations beginnings that negatively affected African slaves. His comments have led many black people to the conclusion that Moore, just like his biggest cheerleader, Donald Trump, wants this nation to return to the day when those who look like themselves ruled and reigned and there was no diversity.

This is no doubt why Republican Congressman Steve King feels it's okay to admit that he does not believe America should be diverse.

Roy Moore and those who think like him are a curious bunch. They have gone along with the changes in the nation for decades, even serving under a biracial president without letting their true feelings be known. Now that Donald Trump is giving winks and nods to the Alt-right it seems haters keep coming out of the woodwork and are not ashamed of their racist views. The judge and others like him clearly need a History Lesson and a refresher course in the evils of slavery that were done during the time they believe America was great, because it was a nightmare for enslaved Africans.