Don’t be surprised if your favorite super fruit has no stone in it. You will find that pitless avocados do exist and that is no joke. Avocado or avos for short is considered a complete diet in one because of its nutritional properties. The tasty green flesh contains copper, folate, iron, minerals, phosphorous, potassium, proteins, and vitamins. It contains soluble and insoluble fibers that promote better digestion. For a person with high blood pressure, the consumption should be minimal since the fruit has high levels of calories.

Seedless avocado sprouts from unpollinated blossoms

You might be wondering what makes an avocado pitless. Simple. The fruit becomes pitless because of the unpollinated avocado blossom. The fruit is known as “cocktail avocados” and grows to a few inches long (about three inches), resembling a cucumber, but possess the same great taste that avocados with pit have, according to Delish notes.

'Cocktail avocados' and their availability

Well+Good notes that “cocktail avocados” grow in Spain and the whole fruit can be eaten (including its skin). In England, these peculiar fruits are available at Marks & Spencer for the entire month of December. A packet contains about five fruits weighing 250 grams.

Marks & Spencer's agronomist, Charlotte Curtis, said in a Good Housekeeping U.K.

interview that the “cocktail avocados” are excellent for snacks and lunch boxes because they can be eaten whole. She even recommends frying it.

The fruit-bearing avocado tree (Persea Americana) is believed to have come from the South Central Mexico. It belongs to the Lauraceae flowering plant family. They are partly self-pollinating and generally reproduced via grafting to keep a foreseeable quality as well as yield.

The avocado skin can either be green or violet when ripe, depending on its variety.

The recent archaeological study suggests that avocados were evidently present in Peru since 8,000 to 15,000 years ago. Peru has been the largest avocado supplier to the European Union and started exporting avocados in large quantities to North America.

We know how precious avocados are to our health and it could be the same reason why these fruits were stolen by workers of the Mission Produce in Ventura County in California. The stolen avocados were worth $300,000 and the produce thieves were charged with grand theft.

The modus operandi of the three suspects; Carlos Chavez (28 years old), Rahim Leblanc (30 years old), and Joseph Valenzuela (38 years old) have been discovered by the company president, Steve Barnard. He was informed about the theft through footage captured by the surveillance camera and the confirmation from their customers.