With all the Christmas festivities in the air, here's sobering news from the once most hated woman in America. Now Casey Anthony is back on track with her life, nine years after the death of her daughter Caylee Anthony. According to her interview printed in People Magazine on Dec. 11, the Florida mom whose murder acquittal shocked the world has moved on, except in one odd, and in this case crucial, way.

Most hated mom walks free

The murder trial of Casey Anthony was one of the most watched ever. People fought each other to be in the public seats.

Some had to be taken out because they were so angered by the Orlando woman. Volumes were written on the many reasons why it was clear that Caylee Anthony's mom killed the little girl. Folks despised the single mother for her many lies, including accusing a nanny of kidnap and her dad George Anthony of molestation. When she walked out of the Orange County Courthouse a free woman, thousands protested. Casey's attorney shielded her in fear for her safety.

No one was buying Casey Anthony's story

If people hated Anthony for her suspected part in Caylee's death, they were livid that the Florida mom tried to profit from it. For years, Anthony's team of lawyers shopped a movie and/or book deal. Casey's parents George and Cindy Anthony were afraid that their daughter would try for a reality TV show.

They threatened to sue her if she ever went near reality television. But they needn't have feared. No one was buying. Finally, on the ninth anniversary, Anthony shared her story for free.

No regrets for Casey Anthony

Narrowly missing a murder conviction hasn't taught the 31-year-old much. She carries on pretty much as she always did, still single and looking to mingle.

Casey Anthony is getting more attention from guys again. She gets asked out on dates quite a lot, the same as before. So lifestyle-wise, it's business as usual. However, she did mention in an interview with the Associated Press, one quixotic, and troubling thing.

Would Casey Anthony have another child?

Many people believed that the Florida woman killed her daughter Caylee and covered it up.

She did falsely report it as a missing person or abduction. Their big fear is that the would-be celebrity may have other children. And Casey's statement on that was confusing. She didn't know if she was "dumb enough" to ever have another child. Was this an admission of being unfit to parent? Was she regretting not having a child and wanting another? Or was the admitted party girl just upset at how the murder trial messed up her social life?