Making magic reindeer food and other fun Christmas crafts are the perfect way to entertain children on Christmas Eve. Before you put out santa's milk and cookies and shuffle your little ones off to bed, start a new holiday tradition and whip up a batch of sparkly reindeer food and sprinkle it on the front lawn to help guide Santa and his reindeer to your home.

If your children are still in school or daycare, make up several tiny bags of animal safe reindeer food and attach a tag with the poem below and give them out as gifts to their friends at school.

It's an inexpensive gift idea that will get kiddos excited about the Santa's Christmas Eve arrival.

Get the instructions for making magic reindeer food below along with the wording for the poem and a few other easy Christmas craft ideas.

How to make magic reindeer food

There are several recipes for this non-edible reindeer food online, but most use oats and glitter. To make the glittery treat safe for birds and other little critters, make sure to use only edible glitter, cake sprinkles, and/or colored sugar in the mixture. Do not use craft glitter as this could harm birds and other wildlife.

To make enough for at least 6-8 small bags of reindeer food mix 1/2 of uncooked oats with a teaspoon of red edible glitter and one teaspoon of green, gold, or silver edible glitter in a small bowl.

You can use colored sugar or cake sprinkles in place of the glitter. Spoon the mixture into snack-size baggies and tie with a small piece of ribbon. [See video below]

If you have a printer, there are a number of free resources for printable poems that you can cut out and make into tags — or you can write out the poem by hand on sticky labels or construction paper.

Do an online search for "reindeer food poem" and you will find several versions of this poem — all ready to print and add to the baggies.

"Sprinkle on the lawn at night, the moon will make it sparkle brightly. As Santa's reindeer fly and roam, this treat will guide them to your home."

Need more easy Christmas craft ideas?

If you are searching for other ways to keep children busy while they wait for Santa to arrive, Pinterest is filled with easy holiday craft ideas that can be made with items you already have in your house.

Search "Christmas crafts children" and you will find some fun ideas including holiday paper plate crafts, mini gingerbread houses, cotton ball snowmen, paper snowflakes, and DIY glittery reindeer ornaments.

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