Now that Halloween is finally over and costumes are discarded or put away, some are breathing a sigh of relief. People are happy that the chaos of costume hunting is finally over and they can finally get back to those quiet relaxing days. But guess what? Christmas is right around the corner and the chaos is starting all over again. But this time it's not about costumes, but food, and we all know that the journey to find the best eye-catching ensemble of food is what makes the season so festive. The most stressful thing is deciding on what and how you are going to outdo yourself this year.

But this year, I am here to help you choose wisely with what I deemed the top 3 mouth-watering foods that you must include on your dinner table this Christmas Season.

First, let’s head on over to the dessert table

This always signals the end of a meal, but for some of us, desserts are the reason why we start eating in the first place. Opt for something chocolaty, sweet, classy and tasteful, I mean you can never go wrong with chocolate. Flip through the pages of one of Martha Stewart’s dessert and treats recipe and treat your family and friends to the best dessert they have ever tasted with Martha’s Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake. Imagine being the cool one now.

Now let’s move on to the main course

And it won't be Christmas if we don’t have turkey would it? In search of a great recipe? look no further, because the Food Network has some of the most amazing recipes to date. Try out Trisha Yearwood's no baste-no bother roasted turkey.

So we had dessert, we have the main course, now let's talk sides

I chose mashed potatoes, and if mashed potatoes don’t scream Christmas then what will? This time there is no perfect recipe. Any mashed potatoes made with any method will be a perfect side to what will be a perfect holiday – well hoping that the In-Laws play nice.

These are all fun and interesting foods that put the spirit in the holiday spirit. But if you don’t choose either one and decide to go with whatever you have planned, where there is food there is love. Treat your cooking with fun and there is no way you could go wrong. Ring in the Holidays with festive recipes to make your family smiles last a lifetime.

Just remember its the holidays and it should always be filled with fun, family, laughter, and, of course, lots of good food. Just make sure you do the seating charts right because we all know what its like to sit next to that annoying cousin. But in the spirit of things, Happy Eating.