Mexico is famous for Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and other beaches, but there are also swimming holes that are treasures which are hidden deep down under the country. There is a secret underneath the earth, that the masses are not aware of. This is a world of wonder and beauty with magical pools where one can swim far away from the glaring eyes of the sun. Mexico is home to the Cenotes which are caverns and caves beneath the surface with swimming pools that are rich in mineral water and where you may enjoy private moments in water that is crisp and clear.

You can also enhance your skin because these mystical places are also filled with mineral-rich algae.

Secret underground caverns

Cenotes are natural swimming holes that are formed when porous limestone bedrock collapses, and groundwater pools are revealed. This is a secret subterranean world that is filled with hidden treasures. These mystical caves and caverns offer fresh water that has been filtered by mother nature herself. This water is so pure and clear that you can actually see straight through it to the fish and plant life that lies beneath.

There are also open-air cenotes which have clear water where the vitamin and mineral rich algae have been shown to be beneficial for protecting and giving nourishment to the skin.

These secret underwater pools offer a view not available from above ground. They will be a special delight for photographers who can capture the beauty of nature in high definition quality.

Mayans enjoyed these hidden treasures

The Mayans are said to have valued these hidden treasures and actually located their villages surrounding these caverns that they believed to be Sacred Wells.

The Mayans also believed these magical pools were a place where they could talk to the gods. It is said that when you swim in these pristine waters there is a feeling as if you have stepped back in time. There are many cenotes in Mexico to choose from and each offers flashlights, snorkeling equipment, life vests, and changing facilities.

The ancient Mayans have long since passed away but the magical pools they so revered continue to this day. These secret underground swimming holes are a beautiful mystery that inspires adventure. Some people visit these underwater caverns in groups and demonstrate their sense of adventure, by actually diving off the cliffs into the clear, pristine water. The sinkholes that develop into Mexican cenotes are truly one of the hidden wonders of the earth.