The first day of December was met with the best news for Netflix fans, as the streaming network has decided to go forward with "Stranger Things" season 3. The global phenomenon from the Duffer Brothers had just released its second season on October 27 to positive reviews from critics and fans alike, albeit the polarizing seventh episode of the nine-episode season. Variety reported that the streaming service made the announcement on Friday, but remained tight-lipped on what's to come in season 3. Fan theories abound, let's take a closer look at what shouldn't happen when the third season rolls around, most likely next year.

Spoilers ahead for those who haven't caught up (and to be honest, shame on you).

1. Kill off a fan favorite

Let's be honest, most of us saw Bob's death coming. Guest star Sean Astin already hinted before the second season debuted that his character, Bob wasn't really going to stick around. In fact, he didn't even originally audition for that part! But Astin's Bob turned out to be the hero of the day, one who was unjustly killed off to, again let's be honest, possibly further the Joyce-Hopper storyline in "Stranger Things" season 3.

2. Let Joyce and Hopper date

Speaking of Joyce and Hopper, the last two seasons of the Netflix series hinted at how Hopper (David Harbour) might have some familiar feelings for Joyce (Winona Ryder).

Harbour is already hailed by fans as the Captain of the #Jopper Ship, as evidenced by his passionate tweets about the fictional pair. His latest post about Joyce and Hopper already has fans thinking that he may have already spoiled their storyline for "Stranger Things" season 3, given he was in character saying "Your mother and I have been worried sick," hinting at some sort of partnership between the two.

Harbour is known to let spoilers slip in interviews, prompting the Duffer Brothers to refrain from telling him anything too early in the game. Sure, we do want to see Joyce happy this time around after all she has been through, but the will they-won't they is in fact fun to watch. It would be remiss if they would hastily be put together so soon after Bob's death.

Fans do want more of those stolen, meaningful glances from Hopper, and possibly more from Joyce.

3. Go back to Chicago

The sophomore season of the 2016 sleeper hit introduced Eleven's (Millie Bobby Brown) sister, Kali Prasad (Linnea Berthelsen) in a polarizing seventh episode that took the story away from Hawkins and right smack in the middle of Chicago. While it did provide the arc that Eleven needed, fans thought that the look and feel of the episode wasn't true to the show.

But seeing that this is the creation of the Duffer Brothers, it would be interesting to see a possible spin-off that is Kali-centric. Meanwhile, "Stranger Things" season 3 should probably not head back to Chicago anytime soon. Adversely, it should bring Kali back to Hawkins, to possibly help Eleven fight the Mind Flayer, when it comes to that point (and we're pretty sure it will). It would be interesting to see how Kali reacts to seeing the Hawkins Lab again after all these years.

4. Make a mess out of Joyce's house

The Honest Trailer for "Stranger Things" put it best: Joyce is a woman "who copes with her son's loss by getting into arts and crafts." In the second season of the show, the Byers household was once again turned upside down thanks to Will, who drew out the tunnels running under Hawkins and Joyce, who plotted them out across the entire house.

Maybe give the set design people a break in "Stranger Things" season 3?

5. Make Will suffer

Everyone would probably agree that it's finally time to let Noah Schnapp's Will have a break in "Stranger Things" season 3. After two years of falling victim to the monsters of the Upside Down, it would be great to see Will finally living a normal life in Hawkins. The obvious next target is Eleven, as she was the one who figuratively slammed the door on the Mind Flayer, who doesn't seem the type to easily forget.

6. Turn Billy into a good guy

One of the best things of the second season is Steve's (Joe Keery) transition from Nancy's (Natalia Dyer) boyfriend into babysitter of the month and Dustin's (Gaten Matarazzo) new BFF.

Despite having his heart broken by Nancy, who chose Jonathan (Charlie Heaton), Steve took no offense and instead took the high road, watching out for his little brothers and sisters. The same can't be said for Billy (Dacre Montgomery), who seemed to have left a horrible impression on most of the fans. Interestingly, the Duffer Brothers admitted that he was introduced as a human antagonist, given that the Mind Flayer and demodogs were all supernatural. But having Billy turn into a good guy in "Stranger Things" season 3 would be a rehash of Steve's storyline, and we wouldn't want that. It would be better if there would be more insight into why his behavior is the way it is and why he has it out for Lucas.

7. Bring back Dr. Brenner

In the second season's seventh episode, Eleven confronted a former Hawkins Lab scientist who claims that Matthew Modine's Dr. Martin Brenner is still alive. Even executive producers Shawn Levy and Dan Cohen confirmed to Collider in October that Dr. Brenner survived the Demogorgon attack. But what role is he set to play in "Stranger Things" season 3? Why was he kept alive? His assumed death at the hands of the Demogorgon was such a perfect karma for the man who tortured and used children as weapons that it is quite disappointing to know that he isn't dead after all.

One of the best theories is that he will redeem himself in some way next season, or will suffer an even more horrible death as payment for his crimes.

"Stranger Things" season 3 is in its early stages, but fans can breathe easy knowing that it's finally been confirmed by Netflix.