Ready to light up this holiday season? Here are some epic (fail?) fashion statements to spruce up your Christmas. We've already seen the best (and let's be honest, the worst) ugly Christmas sweaters, but apparently, the craziness doesn't end there. This is definitely the year we took things too far with fashion trends and statements (squiggly eyebrows, anyone?) and questionable makeup and clothing choices. Here are three holiday-themed beauty trends that are currently making people scratch their heads and wonder why we're taking things too far this 2017.

1. Christmas tree eyebrows

When squiggly eyebrows became all the rage in social media back in September, many were wondering if it was a real trend or a practical joke. But Canadian, Hong Kong-based beauty vlogger Taylor R (@taytay_xx) took it to a higher level by introducing Christmas tree eyebrows earlier this year. Her Instagram post was even picked up by ABC News. According to Buzzfeed, Taylor said that her purpose was to "make people fully done with the internet in 2017 by trying to slide in [Christmas tree eyebrows]." If you aren't done with the Internet now, you will be by the end of this story.

2. Christmas beards

No Christmas tree, no problem.

Decorate your beard instead! If you thought flower beards were great, why not try Christmas beards? It's simple. All you need to do is adorn your beard with Beard Baubles (yes, this is an actual thing), which are Christmas decors specifically made for beards. They're currently out of stock on their website, but just so you know, it's an actual thing that two geniuses at a U.K.

ad agency Grey London, created. The people behind this trend are Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford, who admitted that it was first a fun idea "for a good cause" that later turned into something else.

3. Christmas tree hair

2017 was filled with pretty great hair trends. We had glow in the dark hair, unicorn hair, and what was left of the rose gold hair trend. This holiday season, you can up the game by decorating your hair like a Christmas tree. You not only save money on a tree, but you also make the holiday cheer portable, bringing it anywhere you go!

Some people are even taking it to another level by dying their hair green and adding Christmas lights. Now that's a fashion statement.

4. Christmas nostril hair

If you haven't had enough of the Internet today, here's something that will make you. Remember Taylor who made Christmas tree eyebrows a thing? She went a step further by creating Christmas tree nostril hair by using eyelash extensions. In a video posted on her Instagram, she showed that you can create a small tree out of eyelash extensions and stacking them up together before shoving it into your nostrils.

Check out the video below for more and comment on the worst Christmas beauty trend you've seen so far.