Every child can memorize at least one Nursery Rhyme. This is because most kids, if not all, are taught these songs in school and even at home. Even adults know how to sing famous nursery rhymes wherever they are in the world. Everyone in the world knows how to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" or "London Bridge is Falling Down." Nursery rhymes can actually be considered universal because of how common they are.

There are so many nursery rhymes, and sometimes, even adults sing along. To this day, children are taught to sing these old rhymes with easy to learn melodies.

Some of the lyrics have changed over time. Sometimes, even the melody changes. However, it’s generally easy to determine their origin.

Times have changed, but nursery rhymes are still here. These songs are passed down from generation to generation. Apart from the lovely tones and easy-to-memorize lyrics, these nursery rhymes actually have deep meanings behind them. Some of the hidden meanings are positive but others are dark. Each nursery rhyme actually tells a story in our history. Because of this, they are very interesting.

But what if the characters in different nursery rhymes came to life? What if they conversed with Each Other through text? Now, this would make it even more interesting!

Check out what would happen if nursery rhymes characters could actually text each other.

1. 'Ding Dong Bell'

Look who's got some juicy news to tell.

2. 'Itsy Bitsy Spider'

Will Insy Winsy (Eensy Weensy) Spider listen to Itsy Bitsy Spider's warning?

3. 'The Big Bad Wolf and one of the Three Little Pigs'

It's payback time.

4. 'Hot Cross Buns'

Would you buy some bread today?

5. 'Are you sleeping, Brother John?'

Well, obviously he is still asleep. Some people just love sleeping.

6. 'The Farmer in a Dell'

Not sure if his friend will be happy to have him as a visitor.

7. 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'

Someone's got an admirer.

8. 'London Bridge is Falling Down'

Looks like My Fair Lady is an engineer.

9. 'Billy Boy'

Mister Lover Boy finally found a wife. Hope she's pretty.

10. 'Humpty Dumpty'

Someone's super broken again. Hope he'll survive.

So, which conversation is your favorite? The exchange of text messages from the characters that we have seen above is a proof that nursery rhymes are timeless! They can tell a story even through text. If you are not familiar with one of the titles above, look it up on the internet so you can understand what they are talking about.