Decades ago Black Friday was the biggest shopping day of the Holiday Season, with people camping out at stores as early as 5:00 AM. Today many holiday shoppers browse online or take advantage of other sale dates. Even so, the day after Thanksgiving can be stressful whether you participate or not. Depending on your personal situation you may not be able to stay home until Saturday simply. For this reason, there are survival tips that may help you. If you end up in excessive traffic or caught in a crowd at the mall just remember this too shall pass.

Take a deep breath and implement the survival tips and before you know it the day will be over.

Don't waste your energy regarding overzealous shoppers or aggressive drivers

If for whatever reason you must drive in an area of heavy traffic the Day After Thanksgiving, please leave home or wherever you are at least 10 minutes early if you can. Drive the speed limit and be defensive. Expect other drivers to make mistakes and be prepared. Leave plenty of room when possible between yourself and the vehicles in front of you. Watch your rearview mirror often and breath slowly and deeply to ease anxiety.

Make sure to lock your car doors, and keep any packages in the trunk of your vehicle. Be mindful of your surroundings and if possible do not carry a large pocketbook.

Should you happen to be in a store with aggressive shoppers, simply don't engage. If someone accidentally bumps into you, be the bigger person in the situation. Focus on your goal and keep your eyes off of those who seem out for the kill because it is Black Friday. Make your purchase and then exit the building, remember to breathe deeply and slowly as you go.

Do not allow aggressive shoppers driver and overzealous drivers to impact you negatively.

Take your time on Black Friday and do it right

Whatever you may see that disturbs you on Black Friday, remember to disengage from it. Don't tweet, post or put images on Social media. Allow people to be who they are, and you be the better person.

Because of online shopping and Cyber Monday, things will not be as bad as in decades past, but you still need to guard your own personal space. Say a prayer or sing a song you like under your breath to keep yourself motivated. Make sure to listen to happy, upbeat music as you drive. Before you know it the day after Thanksgiving will be over and a distant memory.

If you are using public transportation the same applies, breath deep and do not engage with aggressive riders or shoppers. Keep in mind that even though you will not participate, there will be extra traffic. This means that your bus, taxi or Ube, or ride may be a little late. When you return home to make sure to kick off your shoes and drink hot tea or cocoa to get your mind off of Black Friday and the holiday rush. Find a favorite movie or television show to get your mind off of the hustle and bustle and remember to do the same until the holiday season is over.