To a large extent, makeup helps us get noticed, attract and confidently show off our features. The bright red lip, intense smoky eye, and a nicely winged out eyeliner can definitely turn heads. According to Popsugar beauty is represented in our diverse skin tones.

Unfortunately, there are times when the image in your head and that in the mirror are complete opposites. You could even have walked out of the house with everything in place only to Find out that everything smeared somewhere along the way.

The truth is, some of the beauty routines you religiously follow could be working against you.

Check out these 7 mistakes to discover what hinders you to get that ideal look you have been craving.

Foundation application errors

1. Starting with the foundation.

It is common practice to always apply foundation after moisturizing. However, it is hard to wipe off the eyeshadow that fell under your eyes and risk wiping your entire face to start the makeup process.Apply foundation after the eye makeup routine is done. This will save you countless headaches when trying to get that eyeliner wing right.

2. Rubbing foundation with your hands.

You would think that using your hands gets the job done quickly but this lets the foundation settle into your pores. All you hope to cover up will stand out as a result.For smooth coverage, use your fingertips or a sponge to evenly spread the foundation on your skin.

3. Not allowing the foundation to dry.

The rush makes you just speed through and dust some powder on your Liquid Foundation before it dries up. The result is some patchy areas where the powder has been absorbed heavily and it does not blend out properly. Always spare 1-2 minutes after applying liquid foundation and it will be worth the wait.

Contour application flaws

4. Face contours

Not everyone is a makeup guru but this is the number one mistake that can easily be traced. Yes, even guys can start wondering if something happened to your face. Sucking your cheeks to apply either a bronzer or contouring powder is just wrong. Instead, you should apply from underneath your cheekbone towards the top of your ears.

Be sure to use a contour powder and a precise brush for best results. Follow this up with a fluffy brush to blend the deeper shade for a more natural look.

5. Nose contours.

Randomly using contour powder to paint stripes down both sides of your nose makes it look like you took a little trip to the plastic surgeon.To get the nose contour right, use an angled brush and a matte eyeshadow which is just a few shades darker than your skin. Then draw perpendicular lines on each side and pat a highlighter in between the two lines. Blend it all in afterward for the perfect look.

6. Wrong blush location.

There is no doubt that the blush goes on your cheeks but where exactly? When it is applied to the wrong area, it ends up looking like a skin condition than a makeup stunt.Lightly apply the blush ( cream or powder) over the apples of your cheeks then sweep what remains on the brush up towards your ears.

There is absolutely no need to smile when doing this.

7. The eyeliner wing.

It can be quite a challenge to get symmetrical cat eyes but a mismatched eyeliner wing is a very confused look. To get this look right, try different techniques through online tutorials until you get what works best for you.Also, find out in the Cosmopolitan how makeup can transform once look and image.