Esterzili’s inhabitants “secret” of longevity

In Esterzili, a beautiful mountain area of Sardinia with a population of 600, lives one of the longer-lived women in the world: the 102-year-old Zelinda Paglieno. Her age, however, according to the scientists, anything but unusual is for the area, because the most of its inhabitants are over 90 years old. In Zelinda’s neighborhood moreover, live another three people that are over 100 years old too. Zelinda’s Paglieno “secret” of longevity, and the rest of Esterzili's inhabitants is the two fingers of red wine she drinks at lunch.

Seulo’s inhabitants “secret” of longevity

Seulo of Sardinia has the highest rate of longevity in the world. The inhabitants of the area, despite their age, are still walking long distances and working. The 97-year-old inhabitant of Seulo, Caterina Moi, in fact, even though she was born in 1920, believes that is still young, because she still hears very well, has no problem recounting past moments in her life and is in good physical condition. Caterina Moi also argues that the "secret" to longevity is the hard work.

The remarkable habits of Seulo inhabitants

  • The centenarians are appreciated and admired by everyone, for that reason, everyone becomes honorary mayor on his or her 100th birthday.
  • The centenarian men are equal to centenarian women.
  • The facade of 20 houses decorates black and white portraits of centenarian people that lived in the area in the past.

The inhabitants of Sardinia have longer life expectancy because

  • Abstinence from smoking
  • Exercise (most of them are hard workers)
  • Drink red wine at lunch
  • Live on fresh fruits and vegetables

The paradox of case longevity

It’s not only strange that at specific corners of the planet there is high longevity rate, but it’s also strange that centenarians that live in these places have a happy and quantitive life.

However, places like Esterzili and Seulo tend to be depopulated. In fact, more than half of the houses have already been abandoned.

The view of the scientists

The scientists have been studying the way of life, food habits and genetic code of these people who live in these remote areas, however, they have not yet come to a scientifically substantiated conclusion yet.

Geographic areas that are part of the 'Blue Zones' of longevity

Apart from the island Sardinia (Italy), in the "Blue Zones" of longevity are also included the island Okinawa (Japan), the city Nicoya (Costa Rica), the island Icaria (Greece), and the Seventh-day Adventist community in Loma Linda (United States of America).

By applying the advice of these two women, could we live a long and healthy life too?