It is not looking good for the TLC family reality Television Show “Sister Wives,” as it has been around a year since the show has been on the air and it still has not been renewed. Now, many fans think the series is going to be canceled because of the radio silence on the current state of the show. However, others think that the show is going to be renewed, but there is just some backstage drama surrounding Brown that is halting the production of the new season. To find out what kind of Brown drama may be stopping the show from filming you can continue to read below.

What drama is happening behind the scenes of 'Sister Wives?'

Now, as reported earlier in the year, Brown has been rumored to be bringing another wife into his already large family. You see, Brown spoke to a close friend of his named Kendra Pollard, and she told Life & Style about the whole situation of bringing in a new wife and the show’s current state. This is what Pollard had to say to Life & Style: “Kody is really, really sweating losing the show and he’s doing everything he can to keep it.” She then further elaborated by saying that Robyn would leave Brown if he brought a new wife into the mix. While talking about Robyn, she said, “If he takes on new wives, she said she’ll leave. This isn’t what she signed up for.”

As you can read from above, the family already has a lot of drama surrounding them.

However, that is not all of the issues backstage as, apparently, Brown has not made many friends with the production team or viewers of the show. An insider on the whole thing has said that “Kody's done so many messed-up things that it serves him right to be pushed aside.” One of these messed up things that Brown has done in his past would be when he divorced his first wife Meri to be with his new wife, Robyn.

That divorce and marriage had apparently left a very bad taste in the mouth of viewers, which resulted in hate towards Brown.

What does Brown do for a living?

Brown is not a fan-favorite on the TLC show “Sister Wives” because of all the stuff he has done. Well, this anger toward Brown has left fans of the show curious about what he does for a living to support his really large family.

The fans found out that Brown probably lives off the money he earns from the series. However, some people noticed that in his past he did some work online and sales work to support his family while his first two wives also worked to be able to help with the bills. It is also worth mentioning that his wives have their own online jewelry store, which obviously brings in money as well.