Personal computers and laptops are not expensive to purchase now due to advancements in technology. Almost every home in developed countries has a computer, and it is a necessity for almost all university students. They are useful for messaging, storing documents, and giving us access to information.

With the use of an internet-enabled computer, you can be video chatting with someone twenty countries away from you, and it wouldn't be so expensive as it were to transfer a letter back in the 90's. Even more advancements in technology have made it possible for us to be able to carry the computers about in the form of laptops, ensuring portability and the provision of information whenever needed, anytime.

You can even be making some money online with the Laptop by blogging and doing other internet jobs.

However, these laptops have become so common that people most times forget that they are supposed to take proper care of them. We forget that they are so delicate and so deserve special care and attention even more than the home computers. We would discuss some Tips you can carry out to help your precious laptops last Longer.We all cherish our laptops, even if it's a Dell, HP or the expensive Apple laptop. You would not want to lose it if for no other reasons, the information stored in them. Either way, they are always expensive to replace or even repair.

What are the things that can make me lose my laptop?

There are so many things that can make you lose your cherished laptops. They can be theft, hardware issues, software issues, mismanagement or even some adverse weather conditions. Either way, they can be avoided one way or the other. Maintenance is always cheaper than repair, and so you have to bother about maintenance first, that way the repair can be avoided.

How to make your laptop last longer

  • Label all parts of the laptop to avoid possible theft.
  • Purchase a laptop bag, they are worth a few dollars but help a lot.
  • Attach something unique to the bag to help avoid misplaced luggage.
  • Avoid placing drinks near them. A spillage can spoil it beyond damage.
  • Never hold a laptop by the screen.
  • Never place it where the weather condition would not be very favorable.
  • Always transport it in a peddled case.
  • Always remove the wireless card, if any before any transportation.
  • Always keep it clean and think twice before pasting stickers on them.
  • Always be careful and go close when removing the laptop from an electric source.
  • Never wrap the cord around itself, instead, let it be loose.
  • Remove floppy discs with care and avoid faulty ones.
  • Unplug the charger when the battery is full.
  • Know what software to install.
  • Run periodic maintenance on the laptop.

You can then enjoy your internet career while blogging or doing any other things to make a living.