A 26-year-old oklahoma woman was sentenced to 10 years probation Tuesday after pleading guilty to an Incest charge, for marrying her Biological Mother in 2016. Her mother, however, could face 10 years behind bars after pleading not guilty to the same charge. The marriage was annulled last month on the grounds of illegality and fraud. It turns out they were attempting to defraud the state by receiving more health care benefits, due to their marital status.

Guilty of marrying her estranged mother

Misty Spann of Duncan, Oklahoma was in Stephens County District Court on Tuesday, facing charges of incest over her marriage to her own biological mother during 2016.

Spann pleaded guilty and received a plea deal of 10 years probation. Meanwhile 44-year-old Patricia Ann Spann pleaded not guilty to the same charge and is facing a court date in January. If found guilty at that hearing, Patricia could be facing 10 years in prison.

Mother also married her biological son

The court also heard from prosecutors that Patricia had married one of her own biological sons back in 2008. That marriage was reportedly annulled due to incest in 2010. According to the mother, she believed it was legal to marry Misty, as she lost custody of her daughter and her two biological sons several years back and her name is not listed on their birth certificates.

Tulsa World reports that Patricia told authorities that she had been reunited with her daughter in 2014 and that the pair “hit it off.” The story came to light when a child welfare investigator with the Department of Human Services uncovered information which appeared to show the daughter and mother were involved in an incestuous marriage.

It was in a document uncovered by the investigator that it was revealed Patricia had investigated marrying Misty, as she found her name was no longer listed on her daughter’s birth certificate.

Incestuous marriages a way to manipulate state laws

It seems that neither of the mother’s incestuous marriages was due to the parties “hitting it off,” however, and was more a way to manipulate various state laws.

KOCO 5 quotes Detective Justin Smith as telling them Patricia and Misty had told him they got wed to defraud the state to receive more health care and other benefits.

Smith also noted that Patricia and Misty had, at one stage, attempted to adopt a child, believing their incestuous marriage would help speed things up.