The comic book movie revolution has brought life to my childhood fantasies. I used to dream of slinging webs like Spider-Man: Pulling out my claws and saying "Hey Bub" like Wolverine. Superman's abilities seemed endless. He could see through walls, fly, possessed super strength, and even shot lasers out of his eyes.

My favorite superheroes revolved around humans with super abilities. Batman was just a man with incredible tools that would give him abilities. Iron Man was just like Bruce Wayne; smart, talented, charming, and rich. With the exception of the last quality; I am just like Tony Stark.

But these are just comic books and not reality. Well, guess what comic book fans? Not anymore!

Who is this guy?

British inventor Richard Browning is a real-life Iron Man. Browning used to work for an oil company, trading and working with new technologies. That was until in 2016 he started working on the suit. Now the owner of Gravity Industries has investor capital and has already started selling suits. Not bad for the modern-day super hero whose jet suit project "got slightly out of hand."

How fast can this 'Iron Man' fly?

The suit itself boasts a 1,050 horsepower jet engine design. That is almost three hundred more horsepower than a Ferrari 812 superfast V12. The jet suit sports six kerosene-fuelled micro gas turbines.

Each one of those turbines thrusts 22 kg at the same time. I know that is a lot of techy mumbo jumbo, but Browning managed to fly at 32.02 mph. That is a Guinness World Record.

When can I buy my suit?

The technology is not quite there yet super fans. However, Browning does seem to have high hopes for the technology moving forward.

In an interview with ABC News Browning says "we're only at the beginning of this journey." He also told the Independent “this is real-world aeronautical innovation. We are serious about building a world-changing technology business,” He went on to say; “We stand at the very beginning of what human propulsion systems will do.

It’s at the same point as the mobile phone was in the early to mid 80s or the internet of the early 90s.”

Maybe I can be a superhero? Browning wasn't even rich like Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne but he seems to be coming pretty close. In a world with constant acts of violence, mass shootings, and acts of terror; we definitely could use a hero.

I just need to figure out my superhero name. I could be "Writer Man." Or maybe I should call myself "The Blogger." I think I may have to work on these for a while and leave the antics up to Browning. At least for now.