If all goes well, fans of April the giraffe will be treated to another exciting live cam adventure. Baby Tajiri may soon have a little brother or sister. According to sources, April the giraffe is pregnant and might give birth to a calf in the first quarter of 2019. However, neither Jordan Patch nor the good doctor Tim has officially confirmed the news. The duo, however, had made it clear that April has been cleared for pregnancy.

Although Animal Adventure Park closed for the season on October 22, it has been keeping its fans updated through its official Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Patch Vs. PETA: Another battle begins

While many have welcomed the news of April’s next baby with open arms, a few cyber trolls have been attacking Animal Adventure Park and its owner Jordan Patch. PETA too has been critical of the park and Patch.

When word of April’s possible pregnancy got out, PETA accused Jordan Patch of using the giraffe family to further his agenda.

“Animal Adventure Park has wrung every dollar and video hit that it could out of this giraffe's pregnancy, said Brittany Peett, PETA Foundation Director of Captive Animal Law Enforcement. In October, PETA issued a statement that Jordan Patch must end his shameful giraffe-breeding program and prioritize animal welfare over online fame.

Jordan Patch, who did not take kindly to the statement, said that it was evident from the work they’ve done so far that the park has always put animal safety above all else. He also added that the park did not actively seek out fame. "We did not ask for viewership, we did not promote the giraffe cam, and we certainly did not plan on a worldwide phenomenon,” he said.

Patch has more supporters than haters

Jordan Patch is a progressive wildlife enthusiast who is adapting to newer technologies to reach out to people. Besides the giraffe live cam, his “Animal Adventures with Jordan” was another video segment that went viral on social media.

As visibly evident, Jordan Patch merely used the platform to create awareness about giraffe conservation.

The out-of-the-box thinker recently won the New York State Tourism award. He was recognized for making Harpursville a tourist haven. The park’s Facebook page is constantly flooded with words of support and encouragement for Patch and his crew.

Earlier this year, PETA forced YouTube to deactivate the giraffe cam. It remains to be seen if PETA will once again cause problems for Animal Adventure Park.